January 6, 2016

I'm On Instagram!

You'd think since I can't post regularly on this blog I wouldn't have time to get on any social media but I am really enjoying following some great accounts on Instagram.     A year or so ago my granddaughter set me up on Instagram but I never did much with it (you 'll see some of my earlier feeble attempts!).    I still don't post a lot on it but I'm hoping to post more often as it doesn't take as much time as my blog and gives instant 'gratification'!

Here are a few photos I've posted:

 Fall den

Son's backyard

Lake neighbors

 Grandson (in swing) and my sister's grandson (they are 1 year apart)

Starbucks with granddaughter

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram....you can find me here.


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Just requested, I like instagram too, very quick and easy!

Katie Clooney said...

Welcome to Instagram, Judy. Just requested to follow you.

Simply LKJ said...

Yeah! Need to request you.

Lisa said...

I like Instagram too! Just a pic and a snappy caption. Easy peasy!

Lisa said...

I enjoy Instagram too! It's so much easier than blogging isn't it?

My Kentucky Living said...

Me too! I just started with Instagram. Fun fun fun. Your den looks great. Sheila

Kelly said...

How neat! I will be sure to go check out your feed. I have been considering getting on instagram but just haven't taken the plunge yet.


Hi Judy! I love Instagram it is such a great way to quickly share a special moment! I wish you a lot of fun there! (ps : I love your son's backyard, so beautiful!)

Laura said...

I love instagram!
It is so easy. It is so nice to reconnect with you. I am working at blogging more consistently , and the best part is finding old friends!

Have a great Sunday!

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