July 29, 2015

Date Night

We don't usually do a "date night" as in getting dressed up and going out but due to my husband's schedule we either pick up some and bring it home or run through a drive thru (not the best alternatives but it is what it is!).

So when Bonefish Grill contacted me offering a gift card to check out their newly remodeled location, I was excited and quickly accepted their offer.

Reservations were made for us (I don't think reservations are usually required but it was nice to have them so we didn't have to wait in a long line).  Just as soon as I gave our last names, the hostess immediately knew who I was and took us to our table. Our waiter quickly took our drink order and went over the menu with us....pointing out several choices we might be interested in. We decided on an appetizer of raw oysters and when they were brought out, they were not served with crackers or horseradish. When we inquired about crackers, we were told that "corporate" did not authorize crackers! That was a little odd, I've never had oysters without crackers but we made do.

I ordered a talapia dish with ceasar salad and steamed broccoli. My husband ate most of my salad and declared it the best ceasar salad he'd ever had. I thought it was good too. He ordered a steak with steamed vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. My dinner was very good and there was quite a lot of it....I couldn't finish all of it at all, although the hubs made a "happy plate"!

We decided to go "all out" and order dessert too. I got the creme brulee and he ordered the doughnuts which were three warm croissant-type doughnuts, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with sea salt caramel and chocolate sauce.....he ate all of that too!

All in all we really enjoyed our dinner and will definately go back to Bonefish. We had not eaten there in quite some time but it will go back on our regular rotation when we want a nice sit down dinner.

The only "con" I will say is that our waiter was a little overly enthusiastic and eagar. I'm not a fan of a waiter hovering over the table and constantly trying to engage you in conversation while you are trying to eat. Checking back with us one time (two at the most) to see if everything was okay and refilling our glasses is fine with me but this guy kept coming back and kept coming back. I know he meant well but it was a little annoying, but that's just me.

Right now Bonefish Grill is offering $10 off your meal good through August 3rd. Here's the link to the coupon which you can either print off or take a screen shot of and show to your waiter.

  (image only...go to the link to print your coupon)

 If you have never eaten at Bonefish Grill I would recommend you giving it a try. We enjoyed our visit and will definately go back.


Simply LKJ said...

We have one not too far from us. One of the only seafood establishments close by. However, due to traffic we don't go often. Ours finally started taking reservations. Highly recommend, or you wait for hours in a crowded bar area. Their food is quite good. Their olive oil dipping sauce has become a favorite of ours to make at home with gluten free bread.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the review. I don't believe we've ever eaten there. I've seen them before though. We usually go out once a week so maybe we can take advantage of this offer if one is not too far from us.

Rue said...

I've never heard of that restaurant. Lucky you though, that got a gift card and it sounds like you had a pretty good time, which is even better :)


Leiah said...

Love love love their Bang Bang Shrimp...and their Thai Coconut Shrimp...And their ceviche is amazing, too. Great, now I'm hungry for Bonefish Grill but the nearest one is in Lafayette, about 65 miles from here!

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