September 29, 2014

A Little Pregnancy Update

In case you're new to my blog, I'm not daughter is! Gotta clear that up right away! As some of you may recall, my daughter has boy/girl twins that turned 10 on May 21st. A few days after that, they announced they were pregnant with baby #3.   To say I was shocked would be an understatement but once the shock wore off, I quickly got busy helping her plan and doing a lot little shopping for the new baby.    Right now my dining room is the holding area for all things, clothes, pictures, etc. until they get the room ready for the baby.

In August she had a gender reveal party where we found out we'll have another grandson! We are so excited to meet him!
 It's a Boy!

 I really wanted to document her pregnancy so she would have something to look back on but as usual, with all I've had going on this past summer with my mom's situation, it's been hard to do that. While I do see my daughter on a regular basis (going by her office a couple of times a week) I just haven't taken the time to take photos, etc.

Here she is at 10 weeks

And of course Taylor wanted in on the action (she's going to be such a good little helper)

(10 weeks)

So we had all our children and grandchildren here for lunch on Sunday and I took a couple of pictures of her now at 26 weeks.

 And, once again, Taylor wanted to strike the same pose as before.....

 Shannon and her family are leaving this week for Disney World and when they get back, we are going to start getting the nursery ready.    The nursery is the old play room and they have had a time getting it cleaned out.   There is some furniture in there that will have to go into storage and some toy donations but I can't wait to help her make this room come together.

I can't believe October is just around the corner....of course that means Thanksgiving and Christmas won't be far behind either!   

Have a great week!


Katie Clooney said...

Congrats Judy. Your daughter looks great. How wonderful to have a new baby come into the family!

Simply LKJ said...

So happy to hear she is doing well. Love the sweet pictures with sweet Taylor!

joanne said...

those pics of your daughter and grand are so cute, great idea to document the blessed event. Congrats to all!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I remember when you made the "new baby coming" announcement. It seems like yesterday! Your daughter looks great and big sis looks like she is really happy about the whole thing. Can't wait to see that newborn snuggled in your arms. xo Diana

Kelly said...

I can understand why you were so surprised to find out your daughter was pregnant again after 10 yrs of having her last child. I'm sure you are very excited to welcome another grandchild to your family.

Nancy said...

hope they have a great time in Disney. looking forward to the nursery reveal :)

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