June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom and Other Ramblings

Wow!  I just noticed I haven’t blogged since the end of May!!!  Where has June gone?  

Today my mama turns 93 years young!   She is a true Steel Magnolia…and like the old Timex commercials says, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking.   She fell back in March and fractured her hip and while she’s mostly wheelchair bound, she still has her great attitude and zest for life.   Today one of my sisters is coming over from Atlanta and we’re taking her to eat at KFC, one of her favorite places.

On the home front, I had knee surgery on June 10th.   I had imagined all sorts of terrible things about the recovery period but thankfully I’ve done remarkably well.   The surgery was on a Monday and by Wednesday I was not even using my crutches, and not taking any pain meds.     I started physical therapy this past week and while it feels like an “Insanity” workout it’s making me stronger and I’m hoping at the end of my 3 week therapy sessions, I’ll be pretty much back to normal.   

My granddaughter Taylor made all stars this summer and her team is in Gulf Shores this weekend for another tournament.    She plays first base and looooves softball.    Here are some photos of last weeks tournament:

taylor allstars#1

This was taken around 9:00 p.m. Saturday night…they had played since 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning.   Everyone was hot and tired but sooo happy!

taylor allstars#2

Taylor and Jackson (her twin brother) and dad…assistant coach

taylor allstars#4

My sweet daughter and her precious family

jackson and girl

Jackson and his “girlfriend’s” daughter!!!   Let me explain….Jackson has a huge crush on this little girl’s mom.    At the first game, he sat by her the entire game and then afterwards everyone went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.    The kids had a table and the adults had a table.    Jackson kept patting the seat next to his and telling the mom “cheese dip on the way”….she was very flattered (I’m sure Winking smile) but declined his offer and went to sit at the grownups table.   So, Jackson just sits across from her in her husband’s seat!    We finally convinced him to give up his chair but he finally got to sit catty-cornered from her….and at 9:00 he put his head on the table and fell asleep!    It was so cute…..he just zonked out.    She’s a good sport about all of this and makes it a point to speak to him and he just eats it up!    Hope this doesn’t mean a lifetime of him liking “older” women!    My husband told the woman that Jackson’s mom and dad had a lot of money so Jackson could buy her lots of presents (what a crock!)

I’ve been working on a little project on my back deck and as soon as I get a little more done (and my husband gets the backyard cut!) I’m going to share what I’ve done…I really like how it’s turning out.    Of course, with my knee being out of whack, I’m not able to do much of anything at this point.    I’m going to share a little of what I’m doing but please remember….the yard is not cut and I’m not finished yet!


Here’s just one corner of my deck…not really what I’m working on but love my Kimberly Queen ferns!



I can’t wait to show you how pretty it is going to be….my poor yard, hasn’t been cut in about 2 weeks and the dog insists on digging up all around the sunroom window…see that bare patch of dirt?    Hate it!


We’ve spent some time at the lake with family and it’s always a lot of fun.     Next weekend we’re heading to the outdoor wedding of my sister’s youngest boy and his cute fiancé’.     It should be a lot of fun!     Here’s the couple at the beach…they each have a child from previous relationships…Stephanie has a little boy and David has a daughter.


david and steph family


On this blog, I stay away from political statements and religion.   However, I wanted to see what you think of Food Networks decision to pull Paula Deen?    Yay or Nay?  

Guess I’ve rambled enough for now.   I just wanted to come up for air and let you know I’m still alive and kicking!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Your plants are looking good. I just Googled the Kimberley Queen Fern and it says it does well in the house. I may try that because I have so much full sun outside it's tough to find a good place.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! That's wonderful that she's living a nice long life. Some people (like the Soprano's star) barely make it to 50! Glad to hear that you're recovering nicely from your knee surgery too. Some people fare better than others. You're one of the lucky ones. I know you're looking forward to resuming your normal acitivites. I must say that I didn't know that Paula Deen's show was booted off the Food Network channel.I really hate to hear that. I have always been a huge fan of her. I heard about the scandal and don't agree with it. Apparently, she used the word in private many years ago and not directed at any certain person. How many times have we all been guilty of calling someone a bad name in private??? If she hadn't have been honest about it at her depostition, noone would've even known about it. Sometimes, honesty isn't the best policy. I'm SICK of the constant discrimination outbursts by that minority! Enough is enough. There I said it.

Cheri said...

You have been a very busy lady despite your knee surgery. Guess nothing keeps a good woman down (or at least not for long).

As for the Food Network and Paula, I think FN is ridiculous...who hasn't said stuff they have regretted and it has nothing to do with her cooking. If there is a problem with her terminology, then that she would be dealt in private between her and the accuser. Even if she is a public figure some things need to be done privately.

Southern Lady said...

It was so nice to catch up with you, Judy. I'm so glad your surgery went well and your recovery is going smoothly.

And I'd like to send belated birthday wishes to your mom ... 93 years old! What a milestone ...

I can't believe how big Taylor and Jackson are getting. They are just as cute now as they were when we first "met" them back when they were three. I know you're so proud of them.

Take care not to overdo during your physical therapy. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished deck project (I love that garden cart).

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wishing your sweet Mother a VERY happy birthday! Way to go to be 93!

Your grandkids are so adorable! Love that age when they play on a ball team. Precious memories being made there.

Get better soon, Judy!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet mama!
I enjoy seeing the pictures of your family, and your decorating ideas as well.
I think they need to leave Paula alone. This whole thing has been blown totally out of proportion. We all make mistakes and say things we shouldn't. I'm thankful that I can ask my Lord for forgiveness and start new each day. Hope you are getting stronger every day.

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