February 4, 2013

Update on Ethan

There is breaking news that  the kidnapper is dead and little Ethan is alive.   Details are slowly coming to light.    Ethan turns 6 years old this week and this is the best birthday present he could get!   I believe his birthday is Wednesday.  (You can read the back story here).   Here is a link to the breaking news.

Ethan has been taken to a local hospital for evaluation.   He has been reunited with his family.   You may be able to follow this on the Nightly News tonight….it’s on here (CST) for more in depth coverage.

If you are interested in sending Ethan a birthday card or well wishes here is the address:

Cards for Ethan 

c/o Lt. April McDaniel

400 Headquarters Street

Napier Field, AL 36303

It is also requested the cards be signed inside with the city and state from which they are sent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers for the safe return of little Ethan.    Praise God for the good outcome for this precious little boy!


Kelly said...

We followed the breaking news this afternoon as it was unfolding. What a relief that this ordeal is over!

joanne said...

Thanks Judy.

Mary Lise said...

Thanks for your posts about Ethan's ordeal! This happened about 10 miles from our home, and it has truly shocked our community. Thanks for your prayers for this sweet boy.

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