February 26, 2013

Tally Ho!

We’re going to London!   This will be a celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary which is in October (2013) but we’re not going until February 2014 so I have a whole year to plan!    I’m so excited.   I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to London (and Europe) and when I started talking about it late last year it was only wishful thinking.    But unless something hugely unforeseen occurs, I’ll be in the Motherland a year from now!      And since my brother-in-law is a Delta pilot, he’ll be flying us over first class all the way baby!    One little problem….I’m terrified of flying!   I have to take a prescribed medication to even get on the plane but my sister has assured me that the time will pass rather quickly with Champagne and a long nap!

She brought these books to me to check out…looks like a lot of reading will be in my future!


london books 016


So many places I want to see over there.    Now I’m going to ask anyone who has been to England for your input on places to go, things to see, where to eat, etc.   We will have a little itinerary but it never hurts to have lots of good ideas.

Now for a little situation I’m having which is waaay off the subject of my trip.    We went on vacation last week to Vicksburg, MS.   We took this same trip a few years ago and loved it and just wanted to get away for a few days.    I’d been having trouble with my left knee and last Tuesday night while coming out of a restaurant, my left knee “popped” and I couldn’t walk.    I had to be put in a wheelchair to be taken to our car!      Scary, I tell ya.    But strangely enough, earlier that day I was on Facebook and my friend Kat had posted she had just been diagnosed with a Bakers Cyst.     Just out of curiosity I looked it up and it sounded exactly like what I was experiencing.    So when the knee “popped” on me I checked into it further when we got back to our room and sure enough, I was experiencing most of the symptoms it talked about.    So we had to cut our vacation short and come home.    I went to the doctor on Friday and had an ultrasound which confirmed the cyst.    Now I’m going to an orthopedic on Monday for further treatment.       I’m hoping they will drain it or whatever because it’s pretty  uncomfortable to walk on for any length of time and since I’m my mom’s caregiver, I still have to get out and take care of her needs.     Have any of you experienced a Bakers Cyst?   I’d love to know how things turned out for you if you did.   


I’ll be posting a few pictures from our trip later this week.    We visited the hauntingly beautiful Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson, a town that Gen. Grant said was “too beautiful to burn”.


vicksburg 2013 092


   And since we were soooo close (wink) we also drove over to Monroe, LA to visit the Duck Commander….any Duck Dynasty fans out there?    I can’t believe I’m admitting it here for the world to see, but we LOVE it!

duck commander 4-19-13 003


duck commander 4-19-13 004

Happy, happy, happy!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

The trip to London sounds like a lot of fun and I am sorry to hear about your knee, wish I knew more about them, so I could help you out.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- Congratulations on the upcoming trip for your anniversary. HOW EXCITING. ummm..would you believe I don't know what the Duck Dynasty is? xo Diana

Cheapchick said...

We are secret Duck Dynasty fans...really hard to admit it but I find that show funny!

Tracey S said...

I went to London (and Ireland) last June. You will love it. Learn the subway and bus system and consider buying a pass. Taxis are expensive. Enjoyed Harrod's, saw Billy Elliott, Tower of London, did touristy things like the London Eye and Madame Toussaud's, took a bus tour to Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle. Would skip the changing of the guard and Camden Street. Food was mediocre generally. We ate a large breakfast at the hotel and skipped lunch. This gave us more time during the day to see things. Ate wonderful Italian but don't recall the name of the restaurant. Wish I had done high tea somewhere, gone to a few more museums, there is a museum with the royal women's fashion. I think it is in one of the palaces. We did London after spending 8 days in Ireland so we were all pretty tired and didn't do as much as we wanted to. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Tracey S said...
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Kelly said...

OMG! First of all let me just say you're going to love London. That is actually somewhere I can say that I've been. It was the first trip I ever took outside the country. I was very young though. I actually won the trip at my Christmas party at work! My husband I went before we ever even had kids (I believe 1990). Anyway, we visited all the major tourist attractions really. Loved the whole experience. We went in the Fall. The only thing I didn't like was the money exchange issue and the food. We had a decent hotel room, but our view looked out to the side of another building. London was very crowded and "busy". I couldn't imagine driving over there. Total confusion! We took cabs sometimes, but they were expensive. The subway is the way to go. Very easy and cheap. We also rode a double decker bus but didn't understand the map and got lost. We got dropped off and had to find our way back. We were young and crazy then!!! LOL! I love Duck Dynasty! The new show comes on tomorrow night. It has become our favorite show to watch as a family. It is SO funny! That must've been fun to see their place in person.

They call me Estatez... said...

Oh, I'm sooo jealous! I want to go to London. We lived 40 miles of London from 71-74 so I'm sure most of the restaurants we ate at are no longer there. Highlights of our trips into the city were the Crown Jewels at the Tower (we were fortunate to be regaled by one of the docents on break with interesting stories about the tower). We would often go to a deli (Harrod's deli is incredible) and buy some things to nosh on and have a picnic in St. James Park. Loved Westminster Abbey. A play on the west end is a must. Covent Garden is interesting. If you want a fabulous high tea, go here: http://www.fortnumandmason.com/c-209-afternoon-tea-fortnum-and-mason.aspx
I know you're going to have a fabulous time planning your trip.


Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

We lived there for two years. Ask away!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You are taking my dream trip, Judy! I have England on my bucket list ~ one day I hope to get there. Like you, I am afraid of flying and I also have to take medication to get on a plane. Forced myself to sign up for Haven because I really wanted to go and didn't want the short plane trip to stand in the way.

Yes! Love Duck Dynasty. No shame, Judy, no shame! : ) I actually came across it one night when there was nothing on television and now I can't wait for the new season to start. I got my daughter and son-in-law hooked on it, too.

Cheri said...

Judy, how exciting that you are going to London, as with my other friends that travel I will be taking my vacation living vicariously through you. Our one daughter went in her Jr. year of college and absolutely loved it and wants to go back. I'll have to ask her about sites and restaurants but remember we are talking college kids here.

Hope you feel better after Monday. Keep us posted.

pam {simple details} said...

How exciting, Judy! You're going to love it, I haven't been for about 10 years. Hope your knee is feeling better, and Duck Dynasty, I've heard it's hilarious, but still haven't seen it! :)

9405018--Pat said...

Sorry to hear about your knee.I been on our treadmill trying to get ready for our trip. Scared to death mind (knee) will go out when we're on our trip. I know you're excited about your trip, sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you feel better. Pat H

thistlewoodfarm said...

I can't believe you got to see Duck Command central! Was it just like the show?


Monique Lehnhardt said...

Vicksburg is great but even nicer is the Natchez Pilgrimage which is starting. Love, love the homes and the Taste of the South 5 course dinner at Monmouth Plantation. Living history of our heritage. Nikki

Blue Creek Home said...

How much fun you are going to have! I hate that the flight won't be enjoyable for you - maybe it will be easy this time especially in first class!

Tish C. Hill said...

Enjoy your trip!!! I am hooked on the show "Doc Martin" and it's set on the coast of Cornwall - and I soooooo want to go there, every time I watch the show I say out loud "I am GOING THERE one day!"

So There I Was.... said...

You will LOVE England! The subway system is great - when I was there, the only time we took a taxi was to the airport and back. Everything else we just took the tube to get where we needed to be.

The food is different - we packed instant oatmeal packets, granola bars, and the like which helped immensely. Basically things that could be stuffed in the sides of our luggage that wouldn't take up much space.

Have fun!

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