June 25, 2012

Party At The Lake

This past Saturday we celebrated my mom’s 92nd birthday at the lake.    I think I’m just going to share pics without a lot of “talking” (yeah right - we all know that ain’t gonna happen!)

My sister and I decided to keep it easy so we just had hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixins’ ….simple and good.    The highlight was watching my mama enjoy being with her family….boat riding and seeing the kids and grandkids having a blast.   

Here we go….

92nd bday 001

Side deck where we cook and eat…son was the designated chef as my sister’s husband was under the weather and stayed inside all day and my husband was working a ball tournament


92nd bday 004

My “baby” boy (who will be 38 next month)!!! 


92nd bday 005

Here’s our bride-to-be (she is marrying my sister’s son next July).   We’d love to hate her because she is so pretty and so TAN but she is just too sweet…we love her to death!    BTW, I have created a Pinterest board labeled “Lake Wedding” if you’d like to see some of our ideas for their wedding next summer.


92nd bday 008

Her ring


92nd bday 009

Mama at the ‘kids table’….so cute!   Surrounded by some of her great grandchildren and enjoying every minute


92nd bday 011

Granddaughter Taylor has a huge girl crush on Stephanie


92nd bday 016

And here she is on the boat surrounded by her “fan club”…both of my granddaughters


92nd bday 019

Jackson showing off his dance moves!


92nd bday 020

We had a dance-o-rama going on!   I think they were doing the Cuban Shuffle….now I can’t get that song out of my head!  (Can you tell they are twins?)


92nd bday 024

Leaving the dock for a sunset cruise



92nd bday 028

DIL and grandson Cade


92nd bday 037


92nd bday 043


92nd bday 061

This little place was owned by the former CEO of Health South (he’s serving time in prison for what I like to call “greed”)


92nd bday 070



92nd bday 076

My sweet grandson Cade…he was about to fall asleep


92nd bday 080

Too much sun and fun makes one sleepy!


92nd bday 078

The end of a beautiful day on the lake…I love spending time here

I was supposed to leave for the beach tomorrow but Tropical Storm Debby has other plans so hopefully she’ll be gone from the coast area by Wednesday and my BFF and I can head to Gulf Shores!  


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!!! Looking forward to some time at the lake next week...hoping to get lots of REST:)
Your grands are all so cute.


Christine said...

Your sweet Mother looks so cute sitting at the kiddy table. She looks to be about the same height as the crew. How adorable!

Faux Pas Farm Gal said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! We spend a lot of time at the lake, too. Great memories!

Kelly@Talk of the House said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun for your mom and everyone else! I, like Christine, thought it was adorable that your mom was sitting at the kid's table. How sweet! The engagement ring (or should I say rock!) is beautiful. Hope you get to take your trip to the beach...sky here tonight was a very strange yellow...not sure what that means.

Kelly said...

Oh yes......let's just hate her (the bride to be). She is just gorgeous! She will make a beautiful bride! Looks like y'all had a great time. I love going to the lake. You mom is soooo adorable sitting with her grandkids too. I'm sure she enjoys get togethers like that.

aimee {sixteen fourteen} said...

What a great time! It's so sweet to see your mom at the kids' table, and the lake is just beautiful. You're really lucky to have such a great family, and the chance to spend time together on the water. :-)

Anonymous said...
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lori carolina said...

Just found your blog!
What a beautiful time on the lake, the water looks amazing! Your bride-to-be is just lovely and it says something that she has the young girls admiring her. :) I'm admiring her gorgeous figure! lol
That house on the lake is amazing, SO sad about the former owner....going from that to a prison. Obviously it wasn't obtained thru honest means. Greed indeed.
Enjoy your time at the beach!!!

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