March 4, 2012

Paint Changes Everything

I’m sure most of you know how changing a room with paint can make such an impact.    It’s easy on the budget and is a quick and inexpensive way to get instant gratification.     So yesterday the painters finished up in my den and now I’d like to share the new color with you.    






This is how I styled the mantel last night….I’m sure I’ll be making changes. I put my basket with bread boards on the hearth because it needed some texture. I want to put a pretty basket there and I saw some at World Market that I like.


It’s hard to get a wide angle photo because there are two openings to the sunroom on either side of the fireplace that get a lot of light and cast a big glare in pictures.   


The fireplace is painted the same color as the walls.    I wish I’d had that brick painted years ago, I love it!








Our carpenter friend came by Friday night with my newly built mantel….he did such a great job! My husband told him I’d probably have his number on speed dial since I have several things I need (want) him to do.



And just to remind you of how far it’s come….here’s a little “before” for you.   The mantel has primer on it and you can see my “gold” walls and ugly brick color. I also had the chair rail removed.


Since I’m still tweaking the room, today I wanted to mainly share my coffee table along with another little change in here.   I brought in my faux zebra rug in from the sunroom and placed it under the table.    I thought with all that tone-on-tone I needed something unexpected and to pop in there and that rug really makes a difference.    I thought about ordering another one of these rugs to put back in the sunroom but that might be “overkill” so for now I’ll just keep the seagrass rug in there until I find something to replace the zebra.    Both rooms are painted the same color and decorated very similar so I still might end up with another zebra rug for the sunroom!


See that big empty area on the table?   That’s where hubby props his feet so it has to stay “clear” according to him!    I’d love to find an industrial cart to replace the glass topped coffee table.







I love that sweet little statue my DIL gave me years ago….it’s a mother holding her child.    I’ve covered some of my books in the brown kraft paper and look for neutral covered books as well as those with a turquoise jacket.    I don’t think I’m going to cover all my books with the kraft paper because I like to “mix it up” with the book jackets












Here’s the chair that was covered with a German grain sack and black linen.     I’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed in how it turned out.     I  don’t like the finish on the chair but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it or re-stain it.      A friend was with me when I dropped it off and she suggested I use the black gimp trim but I wish I’d used a color that would have blended with the grain sack better.     But like they say “it is what it is” so I’ll just live with it  (and you can see I still have a faux ficus tree!)






I put my old dough bowl on top of the entertainment unit and filled it with pinecones (some have turquoise tips) and antlers.     I may put some other things up there but for now I like the simplicity of the dough bowl by itself.


That about all I’ve done in here so far.    Still have a dresser to paint and I haven’t decorated the sideboard in here either.     I’m just living with the new changes until I get a feel for what else I want to do.      Also, I think we’ve made a decision on the sofa.     Although the Pottery Barn basic sofa is on sale for a great price, I think I’m going to get the Ikea Ektorp with a while slipcover and buy an extra in  Svanby beige.    Then I can have two looks for less than the price of the PB sofa.     Now I need to plan a trip to Atlanta to the Ikea store…anyone up for a road trip?


pottery barn basic




ikea blekinge white

Ikea Blekinge White


ikea svanby beige

Ikea Svanby Beige


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Judy, the new color is perfect, and I LOVE your new mantel. Stunning. Your vignettes and all of your accessories are just gorgeous. I totally love that chair with the grain sac and I think the black trim is perfect. To each his own. It really is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Patsy said...

Did I miss it somewhere in your message, that being the name of the color of the paint. It is very pretty. You have great taste in decorating.


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Judy, Love the new paint job!! What a difference in painting the fireplace the same as the walls. Yes, what color is that's looks a little two-toned/speckled?? Like it!!!!
In far away pics, that chair looks fine, but I see what you mean closeup. So stand back and look at it!!! lol

NanaDiana said...

Judy-Your room looks great. I am a big fan of painting brick, too. I know a lot of purists don't like to do that but I am not one of them. Your coffee table looks lovely all decked out with the zebra rug under it. I actually like the black trim on the chair. I think it ties in with the graphics at least in the pictures you have here.

Have fun picking up your new sofa! xo Diana

Wonderful job, Judy.

Kelly said...

I love all the changes you've made to this room! The new direction you're taking it in is wonderful. I like the zebra rug in there and you can see it under the glass table. That's nice. I actually like the black gimp trimming out the burlap on the back of the chair. It picks up the black material on the seat. Your fireplace looks great repainted as well as the lighter color on your walls. I know you must be having fun redoing this room.

Judy said...

Sorry I didn't post the paint color but it was a "happy accident" that I made up myself. If anyone is interested in the formula please e-mail me and I'll be happy to give that to you!

Cheri said...

Looking good Judy. You always decorate so beautifully...such talent.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

It all looks outstanding...LOVE the new mantel!!! I also LOVE that chair...what a great look it has. Enjoy your new room and have FUN at IKEA..I LOVE that store.


Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

It all looks very beautiful Judy! I love the mantel!

designchic said...

I love your color choice - warm and relaxing. The whole room is wonderful - happily following your blog!!

Simply LKJ said...

The room is beautiful, and I love the way you styled everything. And, if you are coming to sure to let me know!!!

A Town and Country Life said...

The Room looks beautiful Judy. I love your accessories, your house has such a wonderful ambiance. I do love the chair but if you're really not happy with may I suggest staining it black.
I might be up for a trip to Ikea, it's been a long time since I've been and I would love to meet you. I am heading to Scott's on Thursday, can't wait to see what goodies I find.


Gretchen said...


Your painted fireplace and new mantle really set the tone for your room. I love them both! It was very brave of you to actually talk about the chair you're not totally happy with. I do the same thing sometimes and wonder why. For me, I don't have a degree in design so I sometimes don't choose the right thing and later I kick myself. Your room looks great and love the pine cones and antlers.


Helen's Decor said...

Judy, everything looks wonderful! I can't believe it's the same room! My husband and I painted our mantle and fireplace about 4 years ago and have never regretted it for a second. Enjoy your "new" room.

Becca said...

Judy ... I LOVE it !! Your new look is fabulous !! The paint color is perfect ... love how your styled your mantel ... and, what an awesome grain sack chair !! Oh, and the chunkier mantel is gorgeous. I know you're pleased ... well done, friend !!

Amy R. said...

Great color choice! You have done a beautiful job and you have done so much work. We are getting ready for a color change too:)

Amy R.

momto8 said...

wow..beautiful!!! you must be so happy with your new room!! the whole room is beautiful! lucky you!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Anonymous said...

Please be sure to let us know what you think of the sofa from Ikea. I am very curious to see if it is comfortable. I'm afraid it would not hold up very well. We live on our sofa!
Kathy in Jackson, MS

Dixie Delights said...

Judy, I love what you've done!! Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes!! xo

Sue said...

Hi Judy.....first of all I love that chair...I think it looks great and it's so refreshing to see something other then French writing on a the German.
And I like how you used the old bread boards by the looks great and something I never would have thought to display....great job....Sue.

Kuki... said...

♥ the new paint color you chose...the room looks great!

alkhateeb said...

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pam {simple details} said...

Pretty changes, Judy! I've always wanted a zebra rug, I love it mixed with your other pieces, especially the grain sack chair!

Charles @Philippines properties for sale said...

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nehv_12 said...

Hi Judy,

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Nick said...

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Sam Bremer said...

The room is beautiful, and I love the way you styled everything. And, if you are coming to sure to let me know!!!

Gaile said...

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