June 26, 2011

Party At The Lake

On Saturday we celebrated my mom’s 91st birthday at my sister’s lake house.     I know how fortunate I am she is in such good health and sound mind.     She’s slowed down a little bit but hey, at 91, if that’s her biggest problem, we’re lucky!

We’re all about food whenever we all get together and there was no shortage of anything.     I had planned to make my favorite cake (recipe found here) but when we got to the lake,  my sister had bought a cake so I didn’t bother.    Then everyone fussed because they said they wished I would make the cake but I just thought it would be too much.    So I’ll make it next time….


moms 91st b'day 001

fresh tomatoes and cantelope


moms 91st b'day 005

fruit “bowl” made by my sister


moms 91st b'day 004

she used her antique dough bowl


moms 91st b'day 008

Son manning the grill.    My sister’s husband wasn’t at the party because he had to check his mom out of the hospital and take her back to her assisted living home.    (When he called the assisted living home, they told him they didn’t admit anyone on the weekends….he said “well, we pay ya’ll $7,000 a month for her care so you WILL take her….and they did!).    Yep, folks, assisted living is a great way to get care for your loved one but it ain’t cheap.    My mom is fortunate in that she receives VA assistance but she’s still short each month, thus the need to sell her house ASAP.




moms 91st b'day 010


Barbeque chicken and baked beans…


moms 91st b'day 011

Mac & cheese…


moms 91st b'day 013

…tater salad and my marinated vegetable salad (recipe here)


My son and nephew have “twin” red nose pit bulls….both named Ruby!    I know pit bulls get a bad reputation but these dogs are so sweet and gentle…

moms 91st b'day 014


After lunch I went with my son to get his boat out to bring back over to the cabin…

moms 91st b'day 016


He rents a “garage” for his boat….and let me tell ya, it’s not easy getting that bad boy in OR out of that space.   


moms 91st b'day 027


My son works hard and he plays hard.     He loves cars and boats and he was lucky enough to be able to recently buy his latest toy thanks to his hard work paying off.  I’m so proud of him!

Once we got over to the boat ramp and put the boat in the water, the boat wouldn’t crank.     After about an hour in the hot broiling sun, we finally had to pull it back out and take it back to storage.      I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot!     When we got back to the lake house, I was wringing wet and looked like a drowned rat!     He was so frustrated because he’s only had this boat about a month and it’s a 2011!    I’d hate to be on the receiving end of the phone call he’s going to be making to the place he bought it (thankfully it’s under warranty).    


Mama was ready to go back to her assisted living place by that time and all I wanted to do was gulp a huge glass of tea and get in the air condioned car.     She needed to stop at Wal Mart and pick up some “feminine items” and toilet paper.     Hubby was sweet enough to offer to go in and buy it for her because I was just about passed out in the car from being so hot.



moms 91st b'day 028

I just had to take this picture of my mama and hubby as he walked her back to her room.        



moms 91st b'day 029

Notice he’s holding her purse and all the “feminine” stuff in her bag!


moms 91st b'day 030

My mama loves David and he is so good to her


What plans do you have for the 4th of July?   We will probably go to the lake and try to stay cool!


Lindsey said...

I LOVE going to the lake for the weekend! So fun and such a great thing to do with family! All of that food looks delish, especially the fruit!!

Mickey said...

My dad help take care of my moms mom and she loved him as much as my mom I think!!..lol

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds like a beautiful celebratory weekend, Judy!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Judy:
There is nothing more special spending a weekend at the lake with family! I adore it when we are all together! As for your precious mom, how lucky you are to still have her..........enjoy every moment with her!

The 4th of July takes us to Harbor Springs, Michigan. We have dear friends who have a beautiful home on Lake Michigan and for the 15th year, we have said YES to their invite! It is a 5 day memory we look forward to with each passing year.

Mary Anne said...

It is me again.......don't know why this went into anonymous status. It is me, Mary Anne from
Always Robins Egg Blue! ox

lailani said...

Ahhh,so sweet the pics the of your mom and hubs! Glad you had a fun celebrations!

4th of July? I think I want to hide in the air conditioning! ;)

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