April 10, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

Last Thursday morning David and I headed out to one of our favorite places to go….Gulf Shores/Orange Beach just “down the road a piece”….about 3 hours from home.     We arrived shortly after lunch and checked into our hotel.     This is the first time we’ve stayed at a hotel vs. a condo and I doubt we do the hotel thing again….we’re just too spoiled to having a nice big condo and not  a little bitty hotel room where we’re tripping over each other….oh, well, live and learn!

Here’s a view from our hotel room THE WHOLE TIME we were at the beach….everyone there was surprised at the fog, I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone movie, you couldn’t even see the water!



Here’s a view outside our hotel room!



Can you believe this?    We only got out on the beach one day for about 1/2 hour, that’s the only time the sun was out…at least in Orange Beach.    When we left and rode out to Foley the sun was out there!


beach#2 2011 026

Here’s the best it got on Saturday afternoon….just as soon as we got down to the water, the fog rolled back in!


beach#2 2011 031


Anyway, that didn’t stop us from shopping and eating!     Friday we went to Lulu’s a/k/a Lucy Buffet’s place.    We did a little shopping in the gift shop for the grandbabies then went over to the restaurant for lunch.    Unbeknownst to me, hubby had eaten twice at the hotel while I was getting  ready  so he wasn’t very hungry.   I ordered the shrimp salad which came with two fried green tomatoes.    


beach#2 2011 006


Oh, my goodness, that was the best shrimp salad I’ve ever tasted!    I was going to buy the cookbook that had the recipe in it but I found it on line and I can’t wait to make it.     In case you’d like the recipe, here’s a link.


beach#2 2011 001


beach#2 2011 002


beach#2 2011 003


beach#2 2011 004

Don’t you just love these pendent lights?    They remind me of something out of a Pottery Barn catalog


We went to the outlets and looked around a little but didn’t buy anything there either.    We ended up just going to Wal Mart and a few souvenier shops then back to the hotel to rest before going out Friday night to eat.     David wanted to go back to Lulu’s and so did I!     We got there at 6:00 p.m. and had an hour and a half wait but it was so nice outside, I had a little cocktail and we people watched!    It is such a family friendly place and we loved watching kids (both young and old) hula hoop.    Then the band started playing and they played songs even we knew!        We finally got our table at 7:30 and I immediately ordered the shrimp salad again!    Yes, it was that good.       David just had to order dessert and it was some kind of donut/bread pudding concoction….I just called it “death by donut”!     


beach#2 2011 023


By this time, I knew I’d blown my diet and so next week I’ll be eating much better!  


beach#2 2011 007


beach#2 2011 015


beach#2 2011 008


beach#2 2011 019


beach#2 2011 021

I think the lead singer  was channeling  Roy Orbison….he looked like him and sounded like him.


One of the beach shops I went in had these great subway signs, I wanted to buy one but I didn’t.    I might have to try my hand at making one, not sure how that will turn out.


beach#2 2011 009


beach#2 2011 012


David had been wanting ribs since we got down there.    Saturday night we went to Reds and Ribs which is across the street from The Hangout.     I must say the food and service were really good.    We had an appetizer of ribs which were falling-off-the-bone good and each of us ordered the catfish plate.    We should have shared because it way more food than I could eat.    




Sunday morning we got up and headed home around 10:00.    We stopped and ate at one of our favorite places in Greenville called Bates House of Turkey.   





David had the turkey salad plate and I had the smoked turkey sandwich.   At least we felt like we were eating a little better.    


But could we just leave well enough alone?    Oh, no!    We just had to stop at  Priester’s Pecans and sample lots of their pecans!   




Surprisingly, all I bought this trip was a pretty white lamp with drum shade at Old Time Pottery and some little $5.00 frames at Family Dollar I’m going to repaint and distress to use on a gallery wall I’m planning.      I’ve really tried to not buy much of anything  lately but just use what I have and take my time to make choices before buying things for the house.     I’d love to get Holly Mathis to help with some choices about our bedroom (I just can’t seem to get a handle on it and I love her designs)  and next year (when our house is paid off!) I want to completely re-do our den….re-paint, add picture frame molding under the chair rail, get some slipcovered furniture, add a new seagrass rug, etc.    I haven’t mentioned ALL of this to dear husband yet!    Oh, I’d also like to add some beams to our vaulted ceiling….lots of “wants”!

Next Thursday-Sunday we’ll be keeping our twin grandbabies while their mama and daddy take their annual trip with several couples to the Big Easy.      We plan on taking them to the lake on Saturday and then to church with us on Sunday morning.      Sunday afternoon they will have a pre-Easter thing at their church so we’ll take them to their other grandparents who attend that church.     I’ll be ready for another vacation by then!     But I will be going back to the lake again at the end of this month with my sister for our annual girl’s weekend there.

Have a great week!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm so sorry that we had soooo much fog at the beach...Mr.CC is there now and just called and said how bad it is...I'm not sure why it's so foggy. My daughter went down today with her boyfriend to his condo and called and said, she is soooo bored just watching the masters on tv. Glad you had a good time at LuLu's...I need to try that shrimp salad. Mr.CC went to school with her and Jimmy in Mobile...he knew LuLu (they were the same age), but didn't know Jimmy. Next time check with me about a condo and I will get you all fixed up! I hope we have good weather at the lake this week, but you just never know.


Farica said...

Hi, Linda! I absolutely ADORE Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. It's not that far from my house!! My vacation is already booked there for July!!! Looks like you had fun even though it was foggy. LuLu's is wonderful!!

Kat aka Beachkat said...

I'm so sorry the sun was hidden from you. It was here too until today. Gorgeous! I spend the afternoon by our pool and LOVED it. Gosh that shrimp salad sounds delish...must try it soon.


Terri said...

Lulu's is the neatest place, isn't it? We went last summer to discover a HUGE crowd and low and behold JIMMY BUFFET showed up to play. It started to rain but no one minded and no one budged an inch. Didn't get to eat there cause the wait was 4 (yes 4) hours long! Hope to go back this summer....

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Boo for the bad weather, but it looks like you found plenty to do!

Nanato4 said...

My dad winters in Orange Beach every winter ... and I always go down for a visit. I love the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area! He stayed at a condo ON the beach this last winter ... it was wonderful to look out and see sand and water!

We've never been to Lulu's although we do love Reds and Ribs (for the reds ... we can do ribs here in Illinois, but we can't do royal reds up here).

Now I'm hungry for Orange Beach/Gulf Shores seafood!

classic • casual • home said...

Oh that is too bad about the overcast weather. It is sunny here in California but in the low 60's so no one really considers it warm enough for the beach (ha! without a wetsuit). Yesterday I saw a man and his daughter walking down the street in their bathing suits--just smiling (they MUST have been on vacation). You found great spots to eat and I DO love those pendant lights.

cryobank said...

Wow beach that's a so favorite,Love the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area,Looks like you had fun even though it was foggy,Glad you had a good time at LuLu's.

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