September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!


BIRTHDAY GIRl Sunday, September 12th is my birthday…let’s just say I’m still in my 5th decade.     Today I asked Taylor if she knew how old I was and she said “39”….yeah, I’ll take that!

Last weekend hubby surprised me on our trip out of town with a birthday cake in our room, a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a fruit and cheese tray.     I ate ALL the strawberries by myself! 

labor day weekend 2010 005

gulfport sept 2010 003


After we got back home Saturday from our trip, we went to daughter’s to watch football, then on Sunday we went to son’s to spend some time with our new little grandson. 

labor day 2010 006

Here I am loving on this precious angel.   (Notice the address sticker I have on my hand…..McKinley put that on me…..she said it was my bandaid)

My 90 year old mom is taking her “baby” (me), the hubs, and daughter and her family out to eat tomorrow at the restaurant of my choice.     Today mama told me the day I was born was the happiest day of her life!    

This past week has been very busy (as usual).     Thursday evening I went back to son’s house in Birmingham to help with the baby as son was out of town on business.        Before heading home, I stopped by Rhoda’s and visited with her for a little bit, then over to Consigning Interiors to buy a present for myself from hubby.    Ever do that, buy yourself something, then tell him what '”he" bought?     While I was there, I finally got to meet another blogging friend, Elizabeth Ann.     Check out her blog if you get a chance as well as her booth at Consigning Interiors.

So here’s my birthday present….a little baker’s rack that fits in just perfect in this spot in the kitchen.     Even hubby likes it!  

bakers rack 015  

bakers rack 020         

(Sorry for the crooked photo!)

I  was so excited with my baker’s rack that I just threw some stuff on it to see how it would look.    Of course, the displays will be subject to change!

      bakers rack 017


bakers rack 018


bakers rack 019

I really needed some extra storage for all my white dishes and iron stone and this is perfect.

Also, I’m switching out my chairs in the kitchen to two of my mom’s ladder back chairs and two woven chairs from World Market which I just ordered.   

kaya dining chairs

(this is not my table and chairs but these are the chairs I ordered)

Ya’ll have a great week!


Shelia said...

Happy Birthday, Judy! Oh, that's a yummy looking cake and strawberries! Look at you - in grandma love! :) How sweet.
Love your baker's rack and you've dressed her up so beautifully!
Be a sweetie,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judy!! It sounds like you are celebrating big time with cake and strawberries and kiddos!!

The bakers rack looks so pretty with all your wonderful things on it! I do love those dishes you have on it!

be blessed

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Happy Birthday! I love a Baker's Rack. Especially like the size of yours...will be lots of fun to accessorize.

Simply LKJ said...

Happy Birthday Judy!

What a precious baby!! Love the baker's've accessorized it nicely!! I've been known to buy my own b-day/Christmas presents (from the Hub's of course). Actually, he would prefer I do that rather than walk around for hours trying to figure out what exactly it is I want. (the girls are good at giving him hints too...LOL)

Enjoy your day with your family!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Judy, Happy Birthday! I would have eaten all the strawberries too! Love your birthday present from "your husband" Hey, I do this all the time. Look what you bought me honey! Congrats.
xoxo, Sherry

Abramyan Avenue said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday weekends! The cake looks delicious and it's always fun to go away on surprise dates with your husband!! You look so happy and content with your grandbaby!!
And I'm loving that bakers rack!! You will find do many fun things to do with it through the holidays and changing seasons!!
Keep having fun!!

Kat said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet young looking thang!

Love your bakers rack and love how you've accessorized it too!


Elizabeth Ann said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Judyyyy....Happy Birthday to youuuu! Believe me, that is much better than me singing it to you.

It was so great meeting you face to face, though brief. The baker's rack looks great. I love how you "dressed" it, very impressed that you just "threw" it together. So glad it made it home okay.

Grandma mode fits you well!

Thanks for the blog and booth shout out!

Elizabeth Ann

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Judy!! That cake and strawberries were amazing!

What a wonderful Baker's Rack and I love the way you decorated it! Enjoy!

jeanie said...

Happy Birthday! My Birthday was last weekend and we also celebrated it at the Island View in Gulfport.

Me said...

Happy Birthday! I really enjoy reading your blog..and wanted to send happy wishes to you. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday weekend, and I love the photo with your grandbaby!

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Judy! I see you had a blessed day! Love the backer's rack and all the goodies you put on it. And the cake and chocolate covered strawberries look yummo!!!

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