May 20, 2010

Time Marches On

Friday, May 21st, my precious little twin grandbabies will turn 6!    This blows my mind as it seems like just yesterday they made their entrance into this big ol’ world.      After my daughter spent a week in the hospital awaiting their birth, they arrived kicking and screaming…..Taylor at 5:00 A.M. and Jackson quickly following at 5:02 A.M.


David and I have been overly involved (LOL) in their short lives since the beginning.     And while it’s  been so much fun seeing them turn from babies, to toddlers and now into “little people”, it also makes me sad to see them grow up, far too quickly as far as I’m concerned.

Two years ago at “graduation” to pre-K (in yellow raincoats) graduation 030

labor day weekend 001

Taylor all decked out in her Auburn smocked dress, sunglasses, purse and plastic necklace to go shopping with her mama and me

Chrismas on the Coosa and Dance Recital and Dining Room 037

Taylor (Christmas 2008) just before riding on her float in the Christmas On The Coosa parade

Chrismas on the Coosa and Dance Recital and Dining Room 033

Jackson and Taylor – she always likes to remind him she’s the “big” sister

Chrismas on the Coosa and Dance Recital and Dining Room 035

Jackson making sure his hat is on right (this was during potty training days)

christmas at the lake 2008 054

Me and David with all the grandchildren at the lake Christmas 2008 (looks like someone is not too happy having her picture taken!)

christmas 2008 at Shannon's house 002

Taylor and Jackson spending the night with MiMi and Pop

birthday weekend 028

"Graduation” 2009 from pre-K to kindegarten (not sure what’s up with Taylor’s cap but she wore it like this the entire ceremony)

birthday weekend 046

Jackson making his speech at graduation

birthday weekend 074

Happy family (Shannon, Taylor, Don and Jackson)

birthday weekend 091

Pop and his “little man”

birthday weekend 106

Pop and his most favorite girl in the whole wide world!

birthday weekend 113

Miss Taylor giving someone “the look”

birthday weekend 181

Oh, here’s our grand-dog Ruby (belongs to our son)

4thofjuly08 044

Lake 2008

4thofjuly08 109

Jackson loves the seadoo

4thofjuly08 048

My beautiful daughter and her babies

 jackson's day 001

Last summer I took one child for a whole day before school started to do whatever they wanted to do…eating out, playing, buying MORE toys, etc.    Jackson is impatient for me to quit taking pictures so we can go get him a “twuck”

taylor softball 012

Taylor softball 2010

  first day of school #1

First day of school 2009 (Jackson)

first day of school #2

First day of school 2009 (Taylor)

first day of school taylor

Time to go to “big school”….Taylor was not real sure she wanted her mommy to leave

first day of school jackson

Bye bye little man, I’ll see you at 3:00

Happy Birthday Taylor and Jackson!

We love you,

MiMi and Pop


Annesphamily said...

Happy birthday to these precious blessings from above! You are so blessed! Anne

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Enjoy your grandbabies! Time does, indeed, go by so fast!
xoxo Beth

Simply LKJ said...

Wow, time sure has flown by. I remember you posting the pics of their first day of Kindergarten!! Yes, enjoy them while you you know with "adult" children, they become grown-ups in the blink of an eye! Started my own blog, please stop by and visit.

Southern Lady said...

They are so precious, Judy ... and I can relate to them growing up way too fast. How blessed you are to have three grandchilden. I hope Taylor and Jackson have the best birthday party ever! They are truly beautiful children.

Cheri said...

Judy, they are so adorable. A very HAPPY B-DAY to both of them. Is the other little girl in the christmas photo a grandchild too? She really does look unhappy about getting her pic taken, but so cute.

I can hardly believe that our little one will be 3 this Fall, I can remember when they met me at the Seattle airport with her for the first time, seems like yesterday. I just want to bottle up everything about her. They do grow up too fast.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

How sweet! You are bringing a tear to my eye. We have twin 4 yr. old granddaughters and it's hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly! Aren't twins a marvel and a privilege! Linda

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