April 7, 2010

Turquoise Chest

In between going out of town twice last week and hosting Easter Sunday dinner, I finished the chest in the sunroom.     There are still a few touch ups to do but for all intents and purposes, it’s done.    I took the quart of paint back to the paint store to have it tinted a little darker cause I wasn’t really happy with the first color I used….it was just too light.    I found a beautiful lamp at T.J. Maxx and  took the finial to the paint store so I could have the paint tinted to match.    

turquoise chest 007

Here’s the gorgeous lamp!

turquoise chest 008

And here’s the chest!    The color is a little light in this picture it’s not blue at all but a beautiful turquoise.    I will probably replace the pulls but for now I’ll just use the original ones.

 turquoise chest 002     

Love the way the dark walnut stain on top turned out.

I put a few things on the top but I’m sure this whole arrangement will change before I’m through.    I’m still undecided on a wall color but at least I’ve narrowed it down to 2-3 colors.      And I haven’t had time to work on the drapery panels at all.    

This weekend we are going to my sister’s in Talladega for the annual April in Talladega tour of homes.    That evening we will go see Three On A String….who I hear are fantastic!      


Nancy's Notes said...

I love the lamp, the color is great! You are so busy, happy to hear that you are almost done with the chest in the sunroom! You have alot of energy sweet lady! Everything looks great!

Helen said...

Judy, you chose the perfect shade of paint .... the chest is truly lovely! Good job!

Southern Lady said...

Judy, I love the chest -- it's just beautiful, especially with the stained top.

Best wishes for a safe and happy weekend -- it sounds like fun.

Cheri said...

Hey Judy,

You did a great job with the chest and even that blue color that the picture shows is pretty. Love that you did the top different, nice touch.

Teresa said...

I think it turned out lovely.... I just painted a similar chest a light silver color...then I plan to have "mirrors" glued to it. Hope it turns out as lovely as your piece.

lkjatl said...

The chest turned out beautifully. I love the color! I have a similar chest in my library that I am itching to redo...might use a similar color. Enjoy your weekend with your sister.

Melissa Lester said...

That looks so pretty, Judy! I have several paint projects to do and can't seem to find the time. Your post makes me more determined to get it done.

Patty said...

I had one of those lamps once and I loved it to death; seriously, one time I hugged it and it broke :)

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That's Looks so pretty,Love the color, You have a lot of energy sweet lady, Have several paint projects to do,All the people like this blog and site also.

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