April 11, 2010

Springtime in Talladega


On Saturday we traveled to my sister’s house in Talladega for what turned out to be the perfect Saturday for a tour of homes and great fellowship with my sister and her husband.    Each year, Talladega hosts a spring pilgrimage called “April In Talladega”.      A number of homes and businesses are on tour and this was my first time for the spring event.   

Driving 1 1/2 hours north of Montgomery on winding back roads we arrived at my sister’s house around lunchtime.    They live in a beautiful area of town where there are only about 12 homes on her street.    Her husband enjoys working in the yard, especially now that he is retired, and the grounds show off his hard work.

 april in talladega 2010 141

Here’s the driveway going up to her house

april in talladega 2010 142

Coming around the bend in the drive you catch a glimpse of their home which sits high on a hill with beautiful views on all sides

april in talladega 2010 143

We left the guys (her hubby and mine) with PJ&J sandwiches(!) and we went to get some real lunch!    They didn’t mind, both of the fellas are watching their weight.

The first home we toured was pure Old South, complete with a hoop-skirted girl who greeted us on the front veranda.

april in talladega 2010 009

 april in talladega 2010 007

april in talladega 2010 056

april in talladega 2010 008

In the front the azaleas were in full bloom.

april in talladega 2010 038

Just inside the front door was this beautiful black and white marble floor which ran front to back in the main hallway.    Not original to the home, it was installed by the current owners. 

april in talladega 2010 015 

Typical of this style of home, the upstairs bedrooms ran off a large central hallway running the entire length of the home.    You can see they even have a bed in the hallway!   Growing up at my grandparents home, which was very similar to this one, we practically lived in the hallway during the summers to take advantage of the cross-breeze and yes, we had a bed in our hallway too!

april in talladega 2010 014

Master bedroom….look at the size of that four poster bed, there was a step stool next to the bed so you could get in it

 april in talladega 2010 011

Small area for a baby which was right off the master bedroom at the front of the house

april in talladega 2010 012

I thought this was a cute idea for a dresser in the baby’s room

april in talladega 2010 013

These doors lead back downstairs

april in talladega 2010 020 

The yellow bathroom upstairs was very pretty.     It was hard to get a good picture because it was somewhat small but I loved her use of the yellow and white and the shower curtain was just gorgeous

april in talladega 2010 019

 april in talladega 2010 018 

You can see on the left a little bit of the window seat in the bathroom

The owner told us they had knocked out 3 walls to make the kitchen larger.

april in talladega 2010 032

 april in talladega 2010 031 

Just off the kitchen was an enclosed porch which had originally been screened in.     Loved this green cabinet and her pretty dishes!

april in talladega 2010 034

april in talladega 2010 036

On the same porch looking back toward the kitchen was this sweet white chippy table and lamps.

april in talladega 2010 037

 april in talladega 2010 022 

Back in the main part of the house we passed through the formal living room into the den which had been added in the 1950’s.     She had lots of silver throughout the home, including this beautiful coffee and tea set above.

april in talladega 2010 021

And just look at the size of the dining room table!  All of these homes have dining rooms comparable to the ones we saw in our tour of Vicksburg and Natchez.     When these homes were originally built, many housed large families and entertaining was done on a grand scale.

I think the den was my favorite room.     From the formal living room, you stepped down into this beautifully paneled room with a huge fireplace, lots of blue and white porcelain and plants.

  april in talladega 2010 023

april in talladega 2010 024

april in talladega 2010 025

april in talladega 2010 026 

april in talladega 2010 028

april in talladega 2010 029

Right outside the den was the crown jewel of the house as far as I was concerned!     A to-die-for covered patio with black wicker, ceiling fans and he was even smoking something on the grill, plus the landscape didn’t hurt either!

 april in talladega 2010 043

april in talladega 2010 044

april in talladega 2010 045

april in talladega 2010 046

april in talladega 2010 047

april in talladega 2010 048 

 april in talladega 2010 049

This was apparently their storage building which I would love to have in my backyard!

april in talladega 2010 050

april in talladega 2010 053

april in talladega 2010 051

I have two of these chairs which I have allowed to stay rusty but now seeing these painted black, I might have to give mine the same treatment

april in talladega 2010 052

Looking back at that fabulous porch

april in talladega 2010 054

This side porch was off the room above that had the green cabinet.    Can you imagine having all this outdoor space so beautifully landscaped and decorated!   

april in talladega 2010 055

The second home we toured was by far my very favorite one.     It belongs to a young couple with three little girls.    From the outside of the house, you would never know she had it decorate the way she did….I only hope these pictures can show how adorable it is.

april in talladega 2010 138

april in talladega 2010 137

 april in talladega 2010 069

The first room you see as you enter to the left is the living room

april in talladega 2010 070

april in talladega 2010 071

Behind the living room was her husband’s “man room” she called it, which was basically an Alabama fan room.     My SIL would love this!   We are all Auburn fans with the exception of SIL.     My daughter is going to turn the twins’ playroom into part playroom/office/man cave and “let” him hang his Alabama stuff since she made the decisions in all other areas of her home.

april in talladega 2010 072

She used four of these battery operated candles in front of the fireplace.    I picked up several of these after Christmas so I need to get them out and use them in my house.

april in talladega 2010 073

april in talladega 2010 074

Check out the big TV over the fireplace!    Every man’s dream TV I’m sure.

april in talladega 2010 131

This was a downstairs bathroom.    She worked with the tile she had instead of replacing it. 

Now let’s go upstairs….I can’t express how gorgeous every single bedroom was.     I wish I’d had a wide angle lens for my camera because lots of things got cut off.   

First daughter’s bedroom and bathroom was done in hot pink and white with touches of zebra.    I really enjoyed seeing this because my little granddaughter Taylor’s bedroom is very similar.

  april in talladega 2010 079

april in talladega 2010 080

april in talladega 2010 081

april in talladega 2010 082

april in talladega 2010 083 april in talladega 2010 084 april in talladega 2010 085 april in talladega 2010 086

The next room belonged to “the baby”.     The mom of these girl’s is a professional photographer and you can see some of her photographs throughout the home.     I also loved the big chunky frames in all of her daughters’ rooms.    

april in talladega 2010 088

This bed is very similar to the one we are putting my Birmingham granddaughter in.      Haven’t decided whether or not we’ll be painting it but if we do, I plan to add some appliques like this bed has.

april in talladega 2010 089


april in talladega 2010 091

april in talladega 2010 092

Loved this photograph of the little girl who occupies this bedroom.     Her mother took this picture.

april in talladega 2010 093 

april in talladega 2010 097

On to the 3rd little girl’s room.     The room was furnished with two twin beds.     This would be an easy idea to copy if you could find two twin headboards, either identical or similar, at a flea market or antique mall, and paint them.       All of the bedspreads looked like they might be from the Shabby Chic line at Target.

 april in talladega 2010 098


april in talladega 2010 099

april in talladega 2010 102 april in talladega 2010 103 

april in talladega 2010 105

Another easy idea to copy is this nightstand.    Just remove the drawers or doors and use the area for displaying books, toys and favorite stuffed animals.

april in talladega 2010 106

april in talladega 2010 107

This lucky little girl even had her own pink bathroom.    The beadboard is original to the house.    

april in talladega 2010 108

The master bathroom was huge, just like all the other rooms upstairs.    Wait until you see her bathtub!    

april in talladega 2010 115

april in talladega 2010 111

april in talladega 2010 112 

april in talladega 2010 114

Not sure I’d ever get out of this tub!

Back downstairs was the den/kitchen area, decorated to perfection.     The thing that struck me about this home was that it seemed very livable and comfortable.    Nothing was over the top but simple ideas anyone could use in their own home.    

 april in talladega 2010 116 april in talladega 2010 117

april in talladega 2010 130

What a cute idea for a “to do” area….these are those big letters from Hobby Lobby she has centered over a mail slot and blackboard

april in talladega 2010 118

april in talladega 2010 119

april in talladega 2010 120

april in talladega 2010 121

 april in talladega 2010 122


april in talladega 2010 124   

april in talladega 2010 128  

april in talladega 2010 132

And finally a look at her dining room.

This home was such a pleasure to tour.    We saw two more homes but one was “stuck in the 50’s” and another one….well, what can I say, other than it was U-G-L-Y!     It looked like a bordello to tell you the truth!

After the tour, my sister and I killed a couple of hours doing a little shopping and lots of talking.      We finally went back to her house to get the guys and went to eat supper before going to see Three On A String.   

april in talladega 2010 149

If you ever get a chance to see this group, I can tell you they are lots of fun.      The “concert” was held on the square in an old theater that has been renovated to accomodate all kinds of events.

We left about 9:30 last night and got home around 11:00….very tired but what a lot of fun we had.

In three weeks I will be joining my sister at her lake house for 3 days of rest and relaxation.     Like the song says “No shoes, no shirt, no problem”    we’ll be saying, “No husbands, no kids, no grandkids!”

Have a wonderful week!


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of these great homes. I love to do home tours! Glad to see you are an Auburn fan...husband, daughter and son are all graduates of Auburn.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Those 2 homes were gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. You all had such a fun day! I know you are looking forward to your getaway with your sister. You will enjoy that so much. Love & blessings from NC!

Shirley said...

Wonderful photos. I just love house tours! They look magnificent.

Cheri said...

Thanks for sharing. How fun. I want to live in that first house....so gorgeous.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I ao adore a good home tour!

I am peeking out of my turtle shell to say thank you for your kindness and support. Be blessed.

From the Kitchen said...

Lovely! I always have to "visit" a southern blog when I see one. I was born and raised in the south but now live in the Chicago area. While it's a wonderful place to be, I miss the genteel south. I go back home every October to renew my southern charm!!

Thanks for the tour.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Judy, that sounds like a perfect weekend. I love touring those old homes & concerts too. Glad you got to spend some time with your sista!

Miss Janice said...

Love the homes. I'm partial to the antebellum one...love the green china hutch, the shower curtain, the silver tea set and that bed in the hallway:)

Pat said...

Beautiful photos of gorgeous homes! I adore porches and outside living areas. Enjoy your 'girl time' with your sister!

Brightest blessings,

kim said...

I love to go on home tours. Those homes were just beautiful. Loved that green cabinet in the first house.

Sherri said...

Judy what a love tour you took us on! Thanks for sharing!

Gift registry said...

What a beautiful place. It seems like you have a really great tour.
God bless!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a wonderful tour....Those homes are just a smidge larger than itsy-bitsy Bellamere Cottage! :-)

Warm blessings,

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Wonderful tour!! Thank you so much for telling me how to find it! Our tour doesn't allow cameras inside the homes, this was a much more fun treat!! Thank you again, Judy! So glad our paths have crossed!! Blessings ~ Tanna

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