October 16, 2009

Feeling Fall-ish and the Motherlode of China

Whew!   What a crazy blog title but I promise it will make a little more sense at the end of this post.

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that recently we moved my mom from her home of 40 years into assisted living.   That means getting rid of a lot of stuff.    My wonderful sister Betsy (Bets, you’re the best) has spent the last 5 weekends at mom’s house with me and we’ve sorted, packed, and had a few teary moments going through all mom’s things.    It’s so hard to disassociate yourself emotionally and you finally decide you can’t keep EVERYTHING so you just do the best you can.     In fact, this weekend there is an estate sale going on.    

Now, on to the motherlode!    A few years ago, my mom’s bachelor brother passed away at age 90.     My siblings and I along with mom were his only heirs.     After going through his massive Tudor style home in North Carolina, one of the things I ended up with was this huge box packed full of stuff which went in storage.     When we knew we were going to have the estate sale, I decided to go through the box to see if there was anything in there I could sale.    When I started upwrapping all the things in the box, I was overwhelmed at what was in it.     A beautiful set of china, gorgeous round butter dish and some fabulous crystal.      Here it is all piled up in the dining room (just ignore the pumpkins you see as I haven’t had time to set out my fall tablescape yet):

halloween outside 2009 015

I think this is for deviled eggs…not sure what it’s proper name is but I love it!

halloween outside 2009 009

While this pattern is not something I would pick out for myself , it’s just so delicate and pretty I wanted to keep it in the family.

halloween outside 2009 010


halloween outside 2009 011

This is my pride and joy!    I gave my sister a round butter dish many years ago and have been on the lookout for one for myself….I don’t even remember seeing this at Uncle Charlie’s.

halloween outside 2009 012

What a sweet tea pot!

halloween outside 2009 013

Gorgeous stemware

halloween outside 2009 014


halloween outside 2009 017


halloween outside 2009 016


I took a little break from putting all this in protective china storage  to go outside and show ya’ll my only attempt at putting out anything for Halloween/fall.    I just haven’t had the time.

We have this little garden gate we put on the side yard several years ago and I always enjoy decorating it for the seasons.      It’s not much, but here’s how it looks for now….

halloween outside 2009 006


halloween outside 2009 007

I have not even had time to clean out my flower beds and you can see all the pinestraw that has accumulated….maybe I can talk hubby into taking his blower out there!

halloween outside 2009 008

And I hung a birdfeeder on a hook right outside the front door:

halloween outside 2009 005 

halloween outside 2009 003


halloween outside 2009 004


And finally, I’ll end this post  by saying:




marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

All of the china and crystal is just fabulous. What a wonderful gift to receive. You garden gate is so pretty. I love all the petty pumpkins and wreath. Hugs, Marty

Renee said...

WAR EAGLE, right back at ya, Judy! Your uncle had some lovely pieces and I am sure you will enjoy using them. The dishes I have that were passed down from family members are more dear to me than anything I could ever buy new.

Sandra said...

The china is so stunning and just precious. Your uncle had very beautiful pieces. Very dear.

Nancy said...

yay for more china :) a weakness of mine! love the fall happenings on the gate and a big ROLL TIDE!!!

Shelia said...

Hi Judy! Oh, I really feel for you about having to go through all of your mother's things. I've been right there as we put my mother in a retirement home in May and a couple of weekend ago had a garage sale to get rid of the excess! It is hard. Hope your mother will adjust well to her new living situation.
Now about your box of goodies that belonged to your uncle - what beautiful things. The china is a very pretty pattern and the crystal! Oh, you keep it and enjoy it! By the way, love your Fallness.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I LOVE that soup tureen!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beautiful blog.....Just out blog hopping on tonight...really should be working... Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog and leave your favorite Christmas song...and enter a great giveaway. Also, a birthday letter to my daughter on my main blog...http://teresa-grammygirlfriend.blogspot.com/

Cass @ That Old House said...

Now your Uncle Charlie was one happenin' dude -- that is some GORGEOUS stuff you unearthed in that box of his things. LOVE the china, stemware -- and the butter dish? It's adorable!
I like how your gate turned out -- especially love the tumblin' pumpkins on the chair.
Great look!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

WAR EAGLE JUDY!!!! I will be leaving in a few hours for the game today...all day tailgating with friends...can't wait!! I just love that round butter dish...lucky you! Yes, that is a deviled egg dish...my grandmother had one just like it. Have a fun and safe weekend and cheer on those AUBURN TIGERS!!!


Sherri S said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the butter dish! My mom has several and has told me they are mine. But none of them are as unique as that one!

Debbie's Garden said...

THAT was bachelor things? Wow he had a collection of beautiful stuff. I would love the deviled egg dish!


What a beautiful assortment of china you found! It reminds me of something you would see on If Walls Could Talk! And the fall decorations are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing! -April

Mabry's Gamma said...

Love the white tureen dish, that box sure held some very nice surprises. Love your gate and it is decorated so cute, nice job.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Judy,
Have I told you that my bother in law is an Auburn Grad?

Your china dishes are really elegant and beautiful. The Fall wreath and display you created with the rocking chair is out of this world! ~Gorgeous job!

Have a wonderful Fall weekend.
~Melissa :)

susanne said...

What a wonderful uncle!! Love everything you inherited.

Gretchen said...


What beautiful treasures! It's so hard to not keep more but I know you only have so much room. The china is just so dainty.

Hugs, Gretchen

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful things, Judy!

That is a deviled egg plate, I used to have one like it. I may still have it, packed away somewhere.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those are some wonderful serving pieces! I have an illness for china and the like as well. I believe the "deviled egg platter" is actually an oyster plate. Maybe...

Susie from Bienvenue said...

When I saw Deep South I just knew there would be a sweet lady on the other end...Im right. I'm a deep south girl too~ Nice to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy~
I am in love with that round butter dish... I have never seen one before. That's a keeper for sure. :)

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