July 29, 2009

Our Beach Weekend

Our trip to the beach was so relaxing and just what the doctor ordered!       We didn’t leave until late Thursday afternoon so we didn’t get to Panama City until late evening.    



We stopped at a little produce stand and picked up some fresh peaches and tomatoes….yum yum!


Oh, remember when I was telling ya’ll about my tan in a tube?   Here’s a little glimpse of my leg so you can see the "tan”….I thought it looked pretty natural….hubby thought  I was a little nutty for snapping a pic of my leg…I need lotion!


Who let the Dawgs out?     For die hard Auburn fans like  us, it was no fun having this in front of us for several miles:


The sky was so beautiful as we pulled into Panama City

 IMG_6921 IMG_6925



Our room looked like a Pottery Barn ad so you know I was loving that.     I am so in love with these rattan chairs….wish I had somewhere in the house I could use a pair.    But I’d have to get rid of something and right now is not the time -- but a girl can dream…

IMG_6930 IMG_6929

  IMG_6932   IMG_6936

Here’s a view from our 10th floor room…unfortunately we did not have a gulf view

IMG_6944 IMG_6942 IMG_6943

Friday morning we got up and out pretty early.   Instead of hitting the sand and surf, we just decided to drive around and stop at any place that looked interesting.    I’m lucky that David likes to do this sometimes so I take advantage of that (and his generosity!) whenever I can.     We found this great little place that had some quirky outdoor items.    But what caught my eye were the magnificent oaks!

 IMG_6948 IMG_6949

There were two little buildings full of things.     Here’s the first one:

IMG_6950  IMG_6952 IMG_6953

Outside where the garden items were had chickens, roosters, turkeys and rabbits running around!  

IMG_6974  IMG_6958    IMG_6968  IMG_6971

Loved this old telephone booth!


I took this guy home with me (he he!).    It was s-o-o-o and he’s giving me “that look” like “it’s time to go!”


Friday night we ate at this place….I’m just going to show ya’ll a picture of the menu cause I HATED the name of the restaurant.     And I cannot give this place a good review, my steak was like a  frozen meat patty (cheap cut) and hubby’s “blackened” chicken was more like bar-b-que  (we won’t go back there)….


Saturday we decided to drive to Destin which was only about 50 miles from Panama City.      Not far from our condo was Pier Park which is a wonderful outdoor shopping area…..we didn’t even go in one store, just drove through.     

Here’s a little side view of Margaritaville located at Pier Park


On the way to Destin, I spotted a couple thrift stores and a Goodwill store.    I told hubby I wanted to stop on our way back to P.C. so I could check out any steals or deals.   Later, I’ll show ya’ll what I picked up and brought home.

We ate at Beef O’Grady’s while in Destin.    I’d never been to a Beef O’Grady’s but man, was it good!    I had a craving for wings and potato skins….they were delish!    

IMG_6995  IMG_6990   IMG_6993 

We also spotted these fabulous looking houses on our way back from Destin so of course we just had to drive through to see them.     What we found took our breaths away!     Turned out we were in Rosemary Beach and the homes are out of this world.    David said he couldn’t even begin to take it all in.

All of the homes have a cottage and/or coastal look.     They are right on top of each other but that doesn’t take away from their charm.     These pictures don’t do them justice but you can see how charming they are:

IMG_7010 IMG_6996  IMG_7000IMG_7001 IMG_7003 IMG_7005 IMG_7009

Want to peek inside one?   Here’s one of the homes for sale that I downloaded from their site.   It can be yours for a mere $1,199,000!

turks lane Large_20TurksLane_844_927200814315820 Large_20TurksLane_844_927200814363736 Large_20TurksLane_844_9272008143127739

Check out their site here for some yummy eye candy!

Heading back to into Panama City we rode down the famous “strip” as it’s known to the thousands of teenagers who flock to P.C. for spring break.    Anyone familiar with Panama City knows about Club La Vela…..here’s your sign!


Finally we made it down to the beach about 5:00 Saturday afternoon.      Walked a little ways looking for shells but couldn’t find any decent ones, so I had to buy some.     I found a real unusual piece of coral in a little shell shop that I brought home.

A young couple asked us to take their picture and then they took ours.    We look pooped!


Here are a few pictures I snapped on the beach

IMG_7025 IMG_7021  IMG_7022IMG_7023 

And here’s the pool at our hotel


I really needed a pedi before I left but here’s my toes proudly wearing my favorite color ~~~~ Cajun Shrimp!


Looking up to the top of the tower…


Now here’s the little item I got at the thrift store.     This sweet little shabby, chippy stool was only $5.75!      At first I thought I’d stain the whole stool but after looking at the legs I left them just like they were and only stained the top with a dark walnut stain then stenciled the number 3 on the top.     Why 3?   That’s how many grandchildren we have, silly!

 IMG_7031 IMG_7032 IMG_7033

I also tackled the french door in the kitchen when we got home and finished taping and painting it.     I have to agree that I like it black!


AND my house numbers came in today and I couldn’t wait to get them on  the front door…..

BEFORE (boring!)

front door numbers 001

AFTER (much better)!

front door numbers 005 front door numbers 002


front door numbers 003 front door numbers 004

Well, this has turned into a long post.      Thursday night our little granddaughter Taylor is spending the night with Pop and Mi Mi.      Then Friday the princess and I will spend the day together shopping, having lunch someplace special and having a girl’s day out.     The following Monday will be little man’s (Jackson’s) turn.        Why, you might ask?     On Monday, August 10th the twins will start kindegarten!!!!!    I’m already fighting the tears.     I can hardly believe that time has come……I can still see their mom (my daughter) on her first day of school….how can it be that was so long ago?   

I’m working on a project for Shannon’s house for the kids backpacks, jackets and such which I hope to finish this weekend.     I’m hoping my modified coat rack will look something like this

(I’m such a copycat):

mss coat rack

From the fabulous My Sweet Savannah on Rate My Space.     Go here to see more of her great designs.

I’ll check ya’ll later!


Terri said...

My twin grandbabies start school this year as well..... They're only 4 but there's a parishwide 4-year-old program in their district. Seems like just yesterday they were born.... Mine are coming Friday evening and will be with me for the week as their mamma has Air National Guard drill and my son is working night shift. Guess it's time to stop calling them "grandbabies", lol!

Blushing hostess said...

Looks like a wonderful trip - glad you enjoyed it!

duchess said...

That looks like my kind of trip. Love those houses.
Glad you had fun.

Grits414 said...

Glad you had a great trip! LOVE the black door!
And where did you get those house letters! love love love them

Lynda said...

Glad you had a great trip. Loved those houses. The black door really does look great.

Now admit it, you loved driving behind that beautifully decked out Hummer (he,he,he). It could have been worse, it could have been a 'Bama Hummer. Go Dawgs :)!!

Dirt Princess said...

Lawd help ya'll for being stuck behind the Georgia fan...WAR DAMN EAGLE!! But I am with Lynda on this one....coulda been a BAMA fan with a big houndstooth hat on it! I spent alot of time at Club Lavela in college....sigh...those were the days!!! LOL!!! I have got to stop at that little place! I have never seen it before...I will make sure I stop there next time! As for the restaurant WHO names a place DIRTY DICKS???? Ugh! So gross.....

As for the door.l..I love it! Enjoyed this post! Glad you had a great time

Mabry's Gamma said...


Looks like you and David had a good time, love those houses and I LOVE that stool you got. This morning on TV was about the dangers of tanning so I got your tan in a bottle and hope it looks as good on me.


Lou Cinda said...

Oh how I love PCB and want to go back before it gets cold!! I hve seen that shop you stopped at a million times and I NEVER stop and always want to! I don't like Dirty Dicks either ~ we always eat at Margaritaville, for the atmosphere more than anything ~ Those houses are to die for!!

Love the stool and the front door looks FAB!!!

Have fun with the grands!!!

Lou Cinda :)

Teresa said...

It's alwayas fun to see how other people spend their vacation time, looks relaxing- thanks for sharing- and I have to say your door turned out great- I'm probably going to copy that- have my daughter make up some vinyl letters for me. =)
Love your ideas =)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Judy
This looks like fun. We are going to try to get to FL over the winter. Not sure if we will accomplish the goal, but it's nice to dream.

I love the new #3 stool, so cute. The black door looks fabulous!!

Love your new front door numbers, too.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you ordered your house numbers. My daughter-in-laws email is meagan.r.lambeth@hotmail.com; my e-mail is down at the moment.


Southern Lady said...

Judy, I loved hearing about your trip and seeing your photos. I would love to go to that outdoor decor place with the old oak trees and chickens running around. I probably would have spent my time taking pictures of them instead of shopping, though ... lol

My heart goes out to you about your little ones going to kindergarten. Our granddaughter is four now and I'm facing that next year. Where does the time go?

Yansy said...

Panama City is such a great place and so different from Miami. Gosh, I need a break from Miami. I just found your blog and I love it. I wanted to invite you to participate in my giveaway, you have until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sherri said...

Wow Judy what a nice trip you had! I love the stool you brought home! I also love all those houses in Destin. I love the bleached starfish in alot of the pics! Have a great time with the grandchildren.

Miss Janice said...

Love Panama City! Didn't you just love the houses in Rosemary Beach....rediculously cute! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time on those beautiful Gulf beaches. I am in love with your door numbers. That is sooooo classic!

sa said...


Anonymous said...

next time you're in pc bch come and check out the Beach House Market, it's on back bch rd about 1 mile west of hwy 79, really cool shop!!!!

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