June 30, 2009

What’s Your Style?

I love My Home Ideas.Com!     I found their web site sometime ago and get e-mail alerts from their site frequently.      Here is some kitchen eye candy I downloaded from My Home Ideas where the question was asked “What’s Your Style?”     I love seeing all different styles but after looking at the many pics I have in my favorites file, I have decided that I like a mixture of different styles:    traditional, a little country, and a little cottage.     What style would that be?     Well, whatever that is, here’s some pictures I think we can all agree are gorgeous:

CT0301076k_1_x  1702457_ct_livingroom_da1 1710776-kitchen-da1  

CT0410073k_1_x   CT0303122k_2_x CT0307092k_2_y CT0309090k_1_x CT0309114k_1_y  


CT0411087o_2_x     CT0411087k_1_x


      CT0511067k_1_x CT0604140l_1_x

There’s something about each picture that I love.    It might be just one thing, but I’d take any of these kitchens, wouldn’t you?

I’ve been tweaking my kitchen AGAIN (!!).    Let me give you a little background…..last fall I visited my friend Linda’s house.     You can see pics of her cottage home here.      Well, that started me wanting the all white look, a look I’ve always loved.    I had just had my kitchen painted Latte and was not about to repaint it the soft gray color she had throughout her house (which I think is Crushed Ice).    Linda came to my house and said I could just use all white stuff with the Latte and it would look great.     First I spray painted the chandy white, but then the shades on the chandy didn’t look right.    Got some old chippy white architectural pieces, and while that looked okay, I wasn’t really sold on how it was all coming together.    Several months went by and I would try and work out what was not working and what I was really drawn to.    My 3 corner cabinet had already been painted black so I painted the inside an aqua color…..still not working for me.      Then one day I was in Hobby Lobby and Kohl’s and saw all these wonderful oversized picture frames, some with writing, but all having tiny windows for pictures.    And boom!!! my mind started racing with using those  pretty frames (some in black, and some in white) with what I already had.     I re-sprayed the chandy using a color I found at Wal Mart called Oil Rubbed Bronze.    Haven’t put the little shades back on yet and I may not.    I distressed the black cabinet and repainted the inside a saddle brown color.     Started putting out my black and white frames, took the ledge I got at Scott’s back in January and sprayed it black and distressed it, and I’m liking what it’s turning into.   

I didn’t enlarge this picture because it cut off the window seat and 3 corner cabinet.   




You can see I didn’t “stage” this….hubby’s ladder is in full view in the driveway!  (bad blogger)


Here’s the chandy sprayed with the Oil Rubbed Bronze paint….I will definately use this color again!



  The white square frame is an unfinished one I picked up at Michael’s.    I used one coat of white paint I had on hand on it but I plan on using some crackle paint on it for a more distressed look.    This frame was really inexpensive, something like $1.99, but you’ll notice that it does not have a glass with it.    I’ll have to pick one up at Hob Lob.



See that white boo-boo?    That’s where I’ve spackled over an old nail hole but now I can’t find my Latte paint to cover it up!    I guess I’ll have to get small can of Latte to have on hand.    Also, last summer when we had the kitchen painted I wanted some crown molding put up.    Imagine my surprise (and shock) when I got home and the guy had used this cheap looking skinny stuff……that’s another thing on my list to change.     I want some wide crown molding!


This round black mirror should be called the “mirror of many colors”  because it started out white, then it was aqua, and now it’s black!


Love, love, love this frame I got at Dillards.    Don’t know who those folks are in the picture but for now, I’m leaving it until I can get some family picture put in there.

Of course I still have to add some things as I find them.    The wall with the big black frame and ledge needs something else….just not sure what.   But, I’m open to suggestions!

Well, this has turned into quite a post.     Guess I’m trying to make up for all the lost time my computer was out of commission!


Gwen said...

The latte, black, and white mix is very warm and welcoming.

You brought it up, so I will agree with you....we want more crown molding! (but it works just fine for now)

Glad to see you back:)

Anonymous said...

Love the changes you've made. The Latte with the black and white is absolutely stunning!!

Robin in MD

Reid said...

Love your room. I get those emails too and have found some inspiration from them.
ANd you've encouraged me to paint my chandy in the dining room too. It's an ugly patina green and SO doesn't match my room....now thinking I will also do the one in the breakfast room!

Stacey said...

That looks fantastic! I love the black with latte. It's a very rich looking combination. Way to go! About the crown molding, maybe you could just add to it instead of taking it all down.

Now, I have to go find some of those picture frames.

Vee said...

It looks great. I always admire one who can change it up again so quickly. My "style" is so eclectic that I'm sure I couldn't possibly nail it down.

Ren said...

Judy, I LOVE your changes! Everything is looking really beautiful. I will be going to Walmart soon to look for that oil bronzed paint and give it a try myself. lovely, lovely lovely....

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

That kitchen with the pale blue cabinets is ADORABLE!!!! I'm enjoying your blog...Janell

Anonymous said...

Love those kichens you featured....can't get enough of kitchen peeking :)

Kathy :)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love all these kitchens. Like you I could be very happy with any of them!!

Mabry's Gamma said...


Love your kitchen. I love the oiled bronze, all of my plumbing fixtures are in this house, wish I could take them with me.

Not that I have any decorating sense, but on that black shelf, what about something tall and skinny with color, such as two topararies and some starfish, sand dollars and shells laying in front. Take this for what its worth.


Judi said...

So many wonderful kitchen pictures...I love what you've done. The light looks great and all the coordinating pieces.
Good job...thank you for sharing your home..
come by and visit sometime when you have a moment

Angel said...

Love your kitchen! Can you tell us what brand of paint that Oil Rubbed Bronze is?

Elizabeth said...

i just came across that website too! it's great!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Judy. WOW;;;; I really like that paint color. And all the white and black make it all so very chic, every thing is just beautiful, you sure have been busy.... I too love the wide crown molding.... have fun finding more goodies for your kitchen...


Unknown said...

I am going to check out thats site! Jen

Simply LKJ said...

I love the new color combo! Black, White and Khaki are my favorite...so easy to work with. It can be neutral or you can add pops of color!! Love the picture frames and the oil rubbed bronze. Will be looking for that paint as I have many pieces in that color but have had to custom paint most since I was unaware that they actually made a paint in that exact color. I think placing an architectural piece above the frame on the ledge wall and putting sconces on either side would fill out the wall nicely, yet leave the ledge for smaller pieces you can interchange with the seasons or your taste. Keep the ideas coming...I LOVE reading your blog!

Unknown said...

I love your room. Everything looks so good.

Angel said...

Judy, thanks for filling me in on that Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I am spraying ALL my brass doorknobs in the house with this and it looks famtastic! I might hit them with a tiny bit of Rub n Buff after I paint but no expensive brand new knobs for me! Thanks! Angel

blushing rose said...

Absolutely this works for moldings by adding the small trim a few inches below the crown moldings ... we did it throughout the entire house & it is MARVELOUS! Our decorator told me how to do it, the construction guy knew how to do it ... I was the only one in the 'dark'. It looks as good as if it were the 'real' thing. TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Could you show us the can that the oil bronzed paint came in. (A Pic)

kaydubya said...

I recently discovered the oil rubbed bronze spray paint at wal mart! I went wild with it and it's amazing what a difference it made! Your chandelier is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Looks like you popped over to my blog. I LOVE yours! We are both "hospitable" gals. I love all these home pics on your site! Keep em coming. xox Sarah@ NorthwestHospitality.org

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

Seeing the ladder in the driveway makes it REAL! Bloggers live in their homes, although sometimes I wonder. The photos you posted are very inspiring. I would take any one of those kitchens.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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