December 26, 2008

Friends Forevah!!

This past Monday night Shannon met with a few of her girlfriends and their kids at a local fast food restaurant. Two of the girls and Shannon have been friends since as far back as 4th grade! One girl lives out of state and the other two are local but they all keep in touch by e-mail.

How well I remember Cathy and Shana...the two girls Shannon has been friends with the longest. It seems like there were not many weekends that went by without one of these girls being at our house! In grammer school, they jumped on the trampoline and giggled about boys. By junior high, they were trying out and making the cheerleading and/or dance squads. Of course, they were still talking about boys! By high school, there were some new girls added to their group, and they were not together as much, as other interests and activities took up more of their time, but they were still great friends by their senior year.

Shana was a bridesmaid at Shannon's wedding and even sang a song. Cathy was off doing "her thang" so she didn't make it.

Now, 13 years later (where did the time ever go?), I think it's so sweet that they still are in touch and try and get together from time to time.

This is a group shot of the four girls and their sweet babies

From left to right - Cathy, Mary, Shana, Shannon - FRIENDS FOREVAH!!!


Bo said...

This was a sweet reunion of girlfriends...all grown up w/babies of their own now. All of them are very pretty women too!
;-) Bo

salmagundi said...

Don't they all have marvelous smiles? And darling babies, too. Sally

Sherri said...

What a nice story-they all look so happy! It's nice to keep in touch with "old" friends.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

They do all look those southern smiles!

Nancy said...

aw, how nice for you to take the pics and yes, it's great to have friends that roll with you through the years :)
Think you can get your baby girl to update her blog? I keep checking in ha ha

PAT said...

What beautiful friends. I truly enjoyed this post. It's wonderful when friends remain close, through the years.

My daughters have friends they've kept in touch with through the years. My youngest has several, from school years, simply known as "the girls", who see each other often and celebrate all the moments in each others lives. My Michelle is the only one of "the girls" with children. Gabi and Drew are routinely showered with love and gifts from this wonderful group of friends.

I've known JoAnn and Gwyn, the friends in the photo from my Historic Saint Charles post, since the 1950's. Old friendships are wonderful!

Diane said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us. ♥ Diane

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