September 8, 2008

Dinner at the Lake and another Award!

Saturday afternoon hubby and I decided to go to a local auction which is held once a month. We've gone to this auction for about four years now and formed some great friendships. Well, when we got to the auction, it had been changed to next weekend! It was only 4:30 and so we decided to just get something to eat and then go home. We could not decide where to go....hubby wanted to go up to the lake to eat but I was not "dressed" (in my opinion) for the lake. When we go there, I like to dress up a little, although people come in their swimsuits. So instead of the lake, we decided we'd go to a good BBQ place near the lake.....on our way to the BBQ hubby's cell phone rings and it's my sister (the one who is moving to the lake). They wanted us to meet them at that resturant at the lake! So, off we went!

It's always a little nostalgic for me to go there because my daughter and SIL got married at a wonderful little outdoor chapel at Lake Martin 11 years ago this coming October. She was such a beautiful bride (but what mother doesn't think that?). The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was a perfect day for a couple to join their lives together. Shannon and Don had dated for 5 years....she was just 16 when they met and started "dating"....he was 21! I tried my darnest to discourage him, but he did not give up. He had a lot of respect for her and my wishes and of course, my son had a little talk with him. So five years after they met, they got married and they are still a wonderful couple with little 4 year old twins.....they have been very blessed indeed.

This is the outdoor church where they got married on a day much like the one you see in this picture

Rustic alter but God was (and is) there that day. My brother performed the ceremony

View of the lake from the parking area

Okay, now, on to the food! If you are ever near Lake Martin, Alabama, folks will tell you not to miss a chance to eat at Sinclair's/Kowaliga. They say that's where Hank Williams, Sr. got his inspiration for his song by that same name.

Here's our view from our table

The geese love you to throw them rolls

You can just steer your boat right up to the dock and come in to eat. During the summer it's always very crowded but now that it's after Labor Day (and a football weekend) there were not as many folks

Here's my sister with her little grandson

After leaving the restaurant, my sister and brother-in-law wanted us to come back to their lake house to see what they'd done...

I'm standing on the dock looking back at the house

This deck was added several years ago and I think my BIL is planning on making it a screened in porch - the place used to have one but a few years ago there was a big renovation and this deck was added to replace the porch

This belongs to one of their neighbors

A lot of furniture has been brought from her MIL's house which just sold. Her MIL had a lot of antiques in a big house so they have just tried to fit it into the lake as best they can. I believe this is antique wicker - not sure about that

The lady that held the estate sale at the MIL's said she valued this secretary at around $8,000!

The "boys" are discussing future plans for the lake house (plus the Auburn game)

This chair was very unusual - also from her MIL's home

B-I-L wanted to bring his dad's roll top desk to use at the lake. He will eventually use this room as his office

Bed from MIL's in the room with the roll top desk and also grandchildren sleep in here

Look at this headboard!

Her MIL never got rid of anything....this was my BIL's rocking horse and he's 54 years old! I had one like it too but it's long gone!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sister's lake place.

Now I want to give a big shout out to Susan from Between Naps On the Porch. She has so generously given me this Smile Award. I was absoloutely blown away when she gave me this award.... this girl is beyond talented....check out her blog and you'll see why. You may also know her as Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS (Rate My Space if you don't know what that means - and if you don't - where have you been hiding?)

The rules as I understand them are:

1. The recipient must link back to the award's creator (whose name is shown on the award).

2. You must post the rules if you receive the award.

3. Chose 5 people to receive the award.

4. Post the characteristics of the recipient.

5. Create a post to share your award with others.

6. Thank the giver of the award.

So, without further ado, and after much thought, I am passing on this award to the following fellow bloggers:

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality. I had the pleasure of meeting Rhoda this past summer and we have gotten together a few times to shop and share our love of blogging, junking and our lives. Rhoda is a one-of-a-kind kinda girl as not only is her home lovely, but she is just a wonderful Christian lady and someone I am lucky enough to call friend!

BJ of Sweet Nothings. I "met" BJ on RMS last year and she always has the nicest things to say - plus her blog is the best!

Karin of Silly Mom Ramblings. Karin and I just connect...we have a lot of the same ideas and the girl is funny! Plus her hubby is serving our country and guess what? She just found out he'll be home VERY SOON. Karin might be MIA for a while!!!!

Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors. I just discovered this talented sweetheart. Check out her blog and her web site.

Melissa of A Little Loveliness. Melissa and I are neighbors, really! She lives in the same town as my daughter and we just found out her little 4 year old takes ballet at the same place at my little Taylor. Shannon and I hope to meet Melissa soon. Her kids are as good looking as my grandchildren (and NO ONE thinks anyone's kids look as good as theirs)! Seriously, Melissa is a fine Christian lady and I enjoyed reading her blog and seeing her family photos.

If you are not familiar with any of these bloggers, do yourself a favor and check them out. You won't be disappointed!


PAT said...

Great post, Judy. The lake is beautiful and the restaurant looks wonderful.

I love your sister's home and all the great family pieces.

duchess said...

What a beautiful place, especially for a wedding.

Your sisters house is looking good. I'd love to relax out there.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you, dear Judy! I'm so glad we finally got to meet up too. There will be many more, I'm sure.

I love Lake Martin, have only been there a couple of times, but it is a beautiful lake.

Inspired Kara said...

I'm having serious wedding location envy. I REALLY wish there was something like that to be found in the STL :)

Again, I think I'm made to be southern ;)

What a beautiful weekend.

Brown-Eyes said...

Enjoyed the trip down your memory lane at the beautiful lake...
;-) Bo

Inspired Kara said...

I did buy the table! I would have never thought of cutting it in half. I saw a similar project where they affixed half of a table length-wise to the wall as a desk in Country Home Magazine.

I got my table for 40 bucks on craigslist! Can't beat that!

Nancy said...

Hi Judy, The lake is beautiful and I love the antiques! Beautiful wicker too. Blessings, Nancy

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you for that sweet award! It definitely made me SMILE today! I love the colors you chose for your kitchen. Robins egg blue adds such a lovely, soothing quality to the palette. And what great finds you discovered at Marshall's! I rarely get over there, especially now that Michael's is in East Chase. I always had to plan a major excursion to get all the way down the bypass to get there before they relocated.

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