June 14, 2008

Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!

On Friday I met Rhoda in a quaint little town about an hour from where we both live to meet another blogger, Wanda. Wanda was having the grand opening of her shop and had invited us to check it out, so being the faithful junkers that we are, we gladly accepted her invitation to come see her and her shop.

Sylacauga is a little town which I have traveled through many times on the way to my sister's home. I've always admired the darling little homes on the main boulevard going through the town. Today I took a few pictures of some of the houses along the way....

I have always been attracted to this style house

Ya gotta know food would be involved in any shopping expedition. This grill was recommended to us and it did not disappoint

Chicken salad and fresh fruit - we ate out on the covered porch

After eating we took off for some shopping!

This shop had a lot of high-end merchandise showcased beautifully. There was quite a bit of monogrammed items and lots of wonderful dishes

I love anything monogrammed

These bird plates were so pretty

I wish I'd bought this cup and I may have to next time I go through the town

Another little shop that we visited was Mary Lee's. She was so sweet and just oozed Southern charm

Her shop carries new clothes, consigned clothes and furniture

Take a look at this handpainted armoire

Of course, we love bunnies!

View of the shop from the front. Mary Lee said a lot of the merchandise on the top shelves belonged to her family members and was for display only

We spotted this little garden chair which we thought was so cute and vintage-looking

House across the street

Now on to Wanda's shop

Rhoda really liked this black table....the prices were very reasonable

Look what she's done to the hutch....below is a close up of her "tea stained" scrapbook paper that she lined the back of the hutch with

I would love to have the glass top table but really have no place for it

These chippy green doors were so sweet. Wanda got them for a steal and they were not for sale but made for a great display

Here's the little black table again

Random pictures of Wanda's store

There was a little room that was set up like a garden room....really cute!

And here we all are.....me in the white shorts, Rhoda and Wanda (note to self: don't stand next to tall skinny people!)

I hope ya'll enjoyed this little shopping trip as much as we did. I enjoy Rhoda's company so much. Not only is she a talented decorator (if you follow her blog you know what I mean) but she is such a warm, sweet, genuine lady.

Ya'll have a happy and safe weekend!


twintoo10292 said...

It looks like you have great shopping in the south. I have yet to find any here in the midwest. It may be a good thing because it would be addicting. Such beautiful things. It is so great you found a friend thru blogging. And yes, I too love Rhoda's bog. It is always interesting and you can learn alot from her. Love your blog too. Twin

Tara said...


I want to live near you all and come!

Ah well, I am glad I can armchair shop with you! Thanks for the trip!

Abiding said...

What a fun trip! And that salad looks DELISH! I can't remember how I found your blog but I love it! ~Leslie in tx

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, girl! We did have a lot of fun, enjoyed every minute of it. And we can do it again, that's the fun part. You're so much fun to hang out with too, Judy. And now we are real friends!


Melissa Lester said...

I'm so glad you showed these shops. I drive through Sylacauga to visit my parents and have always wanted to stop to shop. I have noticed a childrens shop downtown that I would love to visit! I too think Sylacauga is so pretty. I love the curvy hills just as you are entering the town and would love to drive around those subdivisions sometime when I have more time to explore!

Wanda said...

Thank you, Judy for the lovely pictures of my home town and the shop! It was such a treat to meet you and Rhoda. I am a little disappointed that you actually put that picture of us (me) on the blog, though. You have my permission to cut me off. Dang! I look like a stuffed pig! Hmmm....maybe that's because I am! LOL

Nonna said...

What wonderful shops!! Its so neat that you have been able to meet some of your blogging friends. You all three are beautiful women!

PAT said...

Hi Judy

I just told Rhoda, I have to get to your neck of the woods someday. The shopping is great!

I love the photo of you all together. You all look fabulous!

Have a great week.

Tonja said...

Well, I haven't been to Sylacauga in a long time...but this is sure reason to. Looks like you all had a great time. Cute, cute shops.

Now if you girls decide to come a little further south...let me know...I'l meet up with you. We have several really neat places here, and there are quite a few between Montgomery and Dothan.

Oh, to be able to do nothing but shop and lunch, then shop some more! :-)

MomsTheWord said...

I loved looking at the shop photos. This is just the kind of stores I love to go in...with such variety of interesting things...we have a lot of that here in central Arkansas. I'm not sure how I found your site, but it was a fun read!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a fun day you gals had! Thanks for including a picture of the three of you...you're all gorgeous!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Y'all look great. Loved the photo tour. I've met Rhoda, too, and she's super sweet and fun.

Picket said...

Wow!!! What a great time you two had and you both are beautiful!!! That is amazing that you two got to meet and enjoy such a great time together...hope this has been a great day for you as well!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Judy

Remember me? I've been so bad about blog reading lately...not because I don't want to read, but because of my crazy life recently. Lots of company, which has been wonderful and then all the medical tests, "hoopla", etc. I'm back now though...finally.

You've been a busy, busy girl. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts I've missed and seeing all your photos.

I loved Rhoda...she's a sweetie pie and it's always fun when we get together. It really looks like you girls had a good time.


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Judy, This looks like so much fun! The shops are amazing!

Wish I lived closer to ya'll! ;)


bj said...

Oh, what a fabulous day! Many thanks for sharing...and you are a good looking lady!!
hugs, bj

Mrs. B said...

Hi Judy! What a fun shopping trip! I love those bird dishes too!

Thru Pink Curtains said...

Loved House shopping with you! What fun. When my kids were living with me i would ""Force!!" them to come for rides with me and look at all the quaint houses and dream of the one i could live in. Australia has some real neat houses on stilts too. Love the green ware too. my favorite color. thanks for the ride!!!!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

LOVED coming along on the shopping trip with you!! Very fun!!



Belle-ah said...

Looks like it was the perfect day!!! Friends, food and shopping!

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