June 5, 2008

Drive Bys

My name is Judy and I am a house stalker!! Come along with me and we'll stalk out some of my favorites:

First up is a little peek in a neighborhood about two blocks from my house. These are patio homes where mostly retired folks live but they keep up their houses and grounds beautifully. I love this little white picket fence that separates these two yards.

In the same area I spied this little iron gate that looks like it leads to a secret garden....love that!

Now this arbor was my inspiration for the one in my yard.

Let's go across town to some of the most charming houses you'll ever see. While they are not the large McMansions that are popping up everywhere, the character of these well-cared for homes is evident.

There is an area in town called "The Garden District." This is one of my husband's favorites houses in that area.

I like this place a lot. I also got a picture of the side of the house they use as a patio.

I love this wall of french doors

I love awnings and window boxes and would love to have the type of house where I could use an awning. That red really pops!

There's no telling how old this tree is. It is in the middle of a strip of property surrounding some of the bigger homes in the Garden District and located in front of the grand old First United Methodist Church.

Here's a little peek at that church from the side.

Ohhh, look at this black fence and arbor/gate thingy!

Wouldn't you love to be swinging on this porch swing?

This is our governor's mansion.
Great example of a true Southern antebellum mansion.
This home was originally built by an old family here in town who made their fortune in the lumber business. It was purchased and remodeled some years ago. During remodeling, it burned but has since been restored.

My daughter's best friend lives here. A few years ago, best friend met and married a doctor who treats her like the princess she is. She is one sweet girl and we love her very much! Her grandmother and my mother are also best friends.

Well, that completes my little drive by for now. I have lots more pics and will be posting them at a later date. I hope you found something to give you inspiration!


Mary said...

What great fun! I just love all those old neighborhoods with small houses -- so full of charm!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I just love the smaller and older homes. They look so "homey." Newer "McMansions" just can't pull off the quaint charm. Thanks for sharing all of these. It makes me want to head out with my camera!

Donna Kay said...

What a wonderful drive-by - I love the house with the black door and yes, definitely the one with the swing - they were all beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! At the risk of sounding like I am sucking up!lol you just can't beat the charm of southern homes! I buy any publication with the word "southern" in it because I know it will have beautiful homes to look at. They combine charm and elegance in a simple quiet way! I just wonder what all those people are wondering if they see you with your camera especially inside your car! I like to drive around early evening just after it gets dark and take a peek inside windows; no camera (from my car-I'm not a sicko) to see how they are decorated! At least you are out in the daylight! Have a great day - Jeannette

Mrs. B said...

Hi Judy! Ooooh, I just love drive bys! All these houses are just gorgeous. I love the arbors too! And your daughter's friend's house is beautiful! What a lucky girl!

Nonna said...

I enjoyed the tour! Such beautiful homes. I love seeing older homes kept up like that, they have much more personality to them than the newer ones I think.

Alyce said...

Thanks for the tour..how charming!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Love your neighborhood! Very charming...and, of course, you might guess that your husband's favorite is mine as well.

Leigh said...

I throughly enjoyed the trip! I love Montgomery. Read about our trip on my blog under "day trips" on my sidebar. I thinkit is on the bottom right.

I also love to drive and look. There is much to look at in MOntgomery.
I found you by way of Rhoda. I am going to have her to come and give me a home makeover consoltation.

I hope you enjoy your weekend together!

Tonja said...

Hi Judy, I found you from Rhoda's blog. I live a little south of you, but still in AL. Montgomery is such a beautiful city, and I loved seeing some of the houses. There is just nothing like a well kept southern home. You can always tell when they are well loved.

I like your little Bug, too. I also recently downsized from my SUV...only I didn't get to keep mine. :(

Enjoy your day with Rhoda. She's a sweet girl and full of great ideas. I am sure you will have loads of fun.

Nice to meet you...


Picket said...

Ohhhh I loved that tour...like looking thru a great magazine!! Those home were beautiful and I loved the fences and the ones with porches...hope all is well with you and yours and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Judy, didn't we have fun today! I'm so glad we finally got to meet up in person. You're a fun shopping buddy & we'll definitely do it again soon.

Loved your drivebys...those are so pretty.


Charm & Grace said...

Wow... from another southerner...I love your blog! Terrific drive-bys. Those are some great photos and wonderful charming homes that you captured.

Christi from Charm & Grace

PAT said...

Hi Judy! I enjoyed the drive by so much. These are some of the prettiest homes I've seen. I love the gardens and that arbor is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for sharing these and going to the work of putting this together.

Hope your weekend is delightful!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Now, shorty, that was a great drive by. I don't know what you mean you weren't that thrilled with it. You definitely need to let me share this next time.

Happy weekend (hope you are having a blast with Rhoda!)


Wanda said...

Oh, thanks for showing a part of Montgomery I never get to see! So pretty!

The first song that plays on your blog is one of my favorites!

I Know My Redeemer Lives,


At Home in the Country said...

Hi...found your beautiful blog today from Southern Langapani (okay spelled that wrong but you know who I mean)! Love your little house tours...my husband and I do that a lot too. Great to get ideas!

3CHEERS4MOM said...

This is so funny!!! I was picking my daughter up from a freinds house today and took a little detour so that I could drive past house that I love to look at. I took my camera out, got out of the car and took some pictures. My daughter could have killed me. Oh well....
cheers, amy

Real Housewife of Jefferson County said...

I went to Montgomery last Thursday for work and we drove around the Cloverdale area. Is that the same as the Garden District? We rode around the park with the brick streets and past the Fitzgerald House. Very nice!

JoAnne said...

Hi Judy,
My name is JoAnne and I too am a house stalker! I even like doing it at night when people have their curtains open and their lights on. My husband gets so embarassed but is finally getting used to me. Thanks for sharing your pictures, JoAnne

Kelly said...

LOVE the driveby! Those are my kind of houses. They are just sooooo southern and pretty!
My favorite is your daughter's best friend's house! Ohhhhh I love that!

Jaime Melcher said...

Thanks for sharing your drive by! I loved every single one of them... Couldn't help but notice, you have a Taylor, Mckinley & Jackson? My daughters are Madison & Mckinley & my nieces/nephews include: Taylor, Reagan, Harrison & Jackson.
Once we picked up on the presidential theme, it just kept growing & growing! :) I love your blog!

Donna said...

I miss Alabama and love seeing and hearing about it! I'm going back down later this summer and just had the pleasure of going to Charleston and Savannah. New Jersey's just not cutting it!

Thanks for sharing!


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