February 2, 2008

Show and Tell

Friday I went "shopping at home" as my husband likes to say. My kitchen is painted red and I've been decorating with a rooster theme but I'm getting a little tired of the roosters. Don't get me wrong, I think roosters are so very "in" but I'm wanting a little change. I don't want to repaint the walls or get rid of all the rooster stuff, but I've been adding some transfer ware and other things to move it away from a totally rooster theme. Since I have a little booth at a local antique gallery and I just took my happy little self down there to "shop". As you can see, I am gravitating toward greens, toiles and bunnies (nothing wrong with that) and I found quite a bit of stuff to get started in that direction.

Forgot about having these plates in my booth - I think they are so pretty

Angel plaque I also got from my booth - I'll paint her and hang her up somewhere

Got this fake topiary for $5.99 in another booth ~ quite a steal!

Cups and saucers out of my booth - I have a plate rack I'll use these on with some dishes I already have

Bunny lamp has missing ear on other side but for $3.00 I thought I could turn him "this way" so you could not tell.

I added a white shade I already had and taa-daa, a bunny lamp is born. I want to tone down his green color a bit so I'm open to any suggestions on how to do that. I'm not sure I like this shade but if I keep it on the lamp, it will get some kind of trim. What about the white shade? I'm thinking of covering the shade in a toile fabric.

Now for some kitchen pics:
This is an old marble top sewing table in my kitchen. BJ from Sweet Nothings had seem my rooster kitchen on Rate My Space and asked that I post some of those pics again. This is for you BJ!

I found this plate rack a while back at the flea market and put my red toile plates on it. (There's baby McKinley to the right of the plates).

Corner cabinet

Someone called these my "roosters with attitude"!

View from dining room doorway

Now for some neat things I've received from some blogging buddies:

Sherry at Prairie Home had these tees on her blog a while back and I ordered one. They were back ordered but mine came in Friday. It's a dark charcoal gray with Vintage Chick in white - very "chic"!

Got this cross from Heather and Denise at Basiques Boutique . They showed it with a multi-strand pearl necklace and I ordered the necklace too but it got broke in shipping so I went out and bought two different sizes and lengths of necklaces to imitate the way theirs looked...it's really cute on.

Ain't it purty? (no, I don't talk like that)!

Looks great with my tee shirt

Bling! I plan on wearing this with my dark charcoal (almost black) denim jeans, boots and silver hoop earrings. Sherry has other tees arriving in a short sleeve and I can't wait to see those.


bj said...

Oooooooo, Judy...I just love your kitchen. I am crazy about the green and white....now...guess who wants to do it, too?????????? I LUV you bunny lamp to pieces...I don't know how to "tone" it down but there's ladies on here that can help you. Thanks so much for posting the pics....
I am in love with your shirt, necklace and everything!!
Thank you for your prayers tomorrow..a girl can NEVER have too many prayers!!
Hugs, bj

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Judy,
Oh my gosh, what some beautiful plates and all. I love the Bunny lamp. The Green dishes and the fake Topiary are gorgeous. Green is my favorite color. I wouldn't know how to tone down the Bunny. I'm not a crafter, so I can't help you in that department. Ummmm, an idea just hit me. LOL. Maybe tone it down with a bit of browns? I dunno, that's just me thinking out loud. LOL. I love your T-Shirt and the cross pendant. It goes so well with the strands of pearls also. Now how come since you live in the South, you don't say purty? LOL. I say it. Your kitchen is so pretty as well. I used to collect roosters when we first got married and then I blended some watermelons in with them. "THANK YOU" for sharing your beautiful things with us. I am just in awe at how so many of you women decorate and all. Sure do wish I had that talent in me. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

The Feathered Nest said...

I guess some would call me a vintage chick - I gotta get one of those tee shirts LOL! I'll right over to see if she has more in stock.

Love your kitchen - my kitchen used to be red and I think it's a marvelous color for a kitchen. I lke all your rooster things and I think the addition of some green transferware and toile would be great.


N M B said...

I LOVE your copper pots against the red walls!

Carol said...

Very snazzy t-shirt and necklace! You will look so spiffy!

Sweet Designs said...

Oh, love, love the green dishes, your vignettes are quite good too! I enjoyed the sneak peeks into your home!

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