October 31, 2015

A Few Fall Touches Around the House

I love fall!   I think it's one of the most gorgeous times of the year.   Of course, I will probably say that about Spring too!    I don't go "all out" with any of my seasonal decorating anymore but use pretty much the same things every year now.     I used to be a "more is more" kinda girl but each year I find the "less is more" philosophy works better for me now.

With that being said, I'm happy to share some fall touches around my house.    We'll start in the sunroom.    I don't know why I don't share this room, because it's one of my favorite rooms in the house.    It has been a "holding zone" for holdovers from my mom's house when we moved her to assisted living, then from assisted living to a nursing home.    But I'm slowing working my way through either storing or disposing of them.

I ordered this colorful, soft throw from Amazon of all places.   The pillow is from Society 6 she has some beautiful things in her Etsy shop.    I have my eye on several items for the upcoming holiday season.      When the throw arrived, I loved how it looked with the pillow.

Can we talk a minute about my thrift store wicker trunk?   It was priced at $25 (which I would have gladly paid) but asked the shop owner if she'd take $20 and to my surprise she did!   Right now it's storing extra throw pillows and a blanket.   It was in near perfect condition and had no musty smell.    I really wanted to use it and the end of our sofa in the den for a place to put a drink or remote control but according to my husband it was too big (and it really was) so I put it here in the sunroom for a coffee table.    I love it in here!

A few years ago I decided to paint a faux pumpkin turquoise since I use that as an accent color in a couple of rooms in the house.    It got a lot of attention!    Here in the sunroom I just put it on the distressed little table next to the leather chair.

My daughter was telling me she heard that if you put a turquoise pumpkin outside your door for trick or treaters it will let the parents/kids know  that you are handing out non-food treats in recognition of food allergies.   Here's an interesting article about it.    Good to know.

I've been busy working on cleaning up areas outside....pressure washing mainly.    Our deck is in sad shape and my husband wants to tear it out and replace it but I don't know when that will happen.     So I just pressure washed the patio outside the sunroom and a small area outside the laundry room.     I'm hoping Thanksgiving day will be nice and sunny so some of us can eat outside....you just never know here in the South what it's going to do this time of the year.    So I'm trying to keep it simple outside with just a few things.

I spray painted an old urn I had flat black and set it on top of this old capital (capitol?).....I used a berry wreath and a white spray painted faux pumpkin.    I love how easy this was.   

 (I should have pressure washed the capital....it's been outside for over 20 years and it needs a "bath"!)

The pumpkin isn't that glaring white....I didn't notice how bright it looked until I downloaded these photos....it must have been the glare from the sun.    Kinda ghostly looking!!

Last year I saw these pillows on another blog (don't remember which one) where you spray painted your design on burlap.    I got a leaf and pumpkin felt thingies at the Dollar Tree.   I just placed them down on my burlap and sprayed all around them with orange spray paint.     Then my sewing machine broke and I didn't finish making them until this past fall when I decided to get the machine fixed.   

In the den I always do the same thing on my mantel....I didn't replace anything but worked around what stays up there year round.    That way I don't have to remember where I put the things I removed or how it looked (LOL)!    I just added the fall garland and the burlap "Fall" banner I made a few years ago and some white twinkle lights.  

As far as the galvanized bucket, I just used some things I pulled out of my fall bins that I didn't know what to do with.    (BTW, I have waaaay too much fall stuff, don't use but about 1/3rd of it....I keep telling myself I'm going to edit and get rid of the majority of it but so far I haven't done that).     So before packing it all back up I decided to use some "leftovers" in the bucket.    I placed a cardboard box in the bottom to elevate everything and just wrapped the garlands around the outside, then filled in with the two pumpkins and some other branches and things.    I love how it turned out!

On the coffee table I used a candle ring on top of an urn and added a silver pumpkin.    I added a little orange pumpkin too....I like how the orange and turquoise look together.    You can see how I made over this old wooden tray here by adding the typewriter burlap fabric.  (Please ignore the fan in the next room....it's still hot here people!)

On the sideboard behind the sofa I just used a boxwood wreath with a ceremic pumpkin..

Next time I'll share the kitchen and dining room.    

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween and DON'T FORGET TO TURN BACK YOUR CLOCKS TONIGHT!


Cheri said...

Love your decorations but I really love the pillows and the throw is gorgeous. Happy Halloween!

Stacey said...

Everything looks so pretty Judy. It's always nice to know what's going on at your house. I like your holiday decorating attitude. Less is more in my book too. ;)

My Kentucky Living said...

Love your white crackle urn! I would like to roll time back a little bit too. Ha! Sheila

NanaDiana said...

Judy- Everything looks just lovely there. I love those pillows (glad you got your sewing machine fixed so you could finish them)-lol That old urn looks great with the white pumpkin in it---with that light it does look "ghostly". I kinda like that the old capitol LOOKS old.
Happy Fall and Happy Halloween to you! xo Diana

Katie Clooney said...

Love all your fall touches! Your house looks beautiful.

Kelly said...

I love your Fall decor. The plaid throw and pillow look so pretty together. I heard about the teal pumpkins on the news. I never thought about the kids with peanut allergies before. It is definitely on the rise! I hope you had a nice Halloween with your family.

Becca said...

What a gorgeous Fall home! You always know how to create and warm ad welcoming seasonal home! You know I love your pumpkin pillow from Lucy, and I'm envious of your basket ... what a score! Look forward to seeing what you do for Christmas!

BeachGypsy said...

It all k
Looks just beautiful and i especially love the white pumkins and the gold shiny one!

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