June 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

I would love to say that I'm going to start posting Friday Favorites every week but we all know that would be a big fat lie so what I'm going to attempt to do is post my favorites every month...hey, at least I'm trying!

First up let's look at some of my favorite reading material.   Many years ago a fellow co-worker introduced me to Anne George's books.   Ms. George passed away several years ago but I still love reading her books over and over..   Part of the charm is that her stories are set in Birmingham and the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area....two places dear to my heart.    The main characters are two sisters who are as different as night and day...."Mouse" (who is based on Anne herself) and "Sister" her older and much larger sister.   They get into a lot of mischief and while it sounds strange to say they are murder mysteries, there is nothing gory or sad about the murders...an oxymoron, I know but true.    Her books are styled as Southern Sisters Mysteries.


Now that I've reached a "certain age" with that hopefully has come some wisdom...I'm talking about tanning!  In my youth I baked every summer using iodine and baby oil and I was one of the lucky people that tanned easily.    Then later in life I started using the tanning bed.   Now that I know the dangers (and stupidity) of that, I began my search for tanning lotions that (1) didn't have that awful smell (2) worked in a reasonably short amount of time; and (3) didn't cost and arm and a leg.    I've used several products over the years that I was pretty happy with but the one I'm using now is hands down the absolute best I've ever tried!    All the reviews were at least 4-5 stars so I ordered my first bottle about 2 months ago.   I knew my sister and I were going to the beach in May and neither of us wanted to look pasty white.   As a wise attorney friend used to say "tan fat looks better than white fat"!


This stuff is the bomb-diggity (I've been seeing some of ya'll use that term and I think it fits this product perfectly - whatever bomb-diggity means)!   It's a little pricey (I think $30 for the bottle?) but, depending on how often you use it, can last a couple of months.   I just ordered my 2nd bottle this week as I was almost out.    By the way, I ordered mine from Amazon.   I get a good tan during the summer up on the lake but for some reason my legs don't tan anymore like they used to....so I only use it on my legs.    When I came back from the beach I had used it the night before we went and once there.   I'm telling you, my legs were so dark I couldn't even believe they were my legs!    Git ya some!

I found this fabulous recipe here and I couldn't wait to try it out.   I tweaked my recipe a little.   Instead of grilling the chicken I tossed several chicken tenders into a baggie.   In the baggie I had a packet of Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning mix and added some creme.     Shook up the bag and baked the tenders on 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes (depending on how many tenders and your oven will determine how long to bake yours).   Oh my gosh, ya'll, this stuff is delishious!

 I melted 1/2 stick of butter in a large skillet, added about 1 tbsp. of minced garlic and when the butter was melted I added a small bag of spinach and a carton of cherry tomotoes that I cut in half.   Stir that all together until blended.

 Next I added a small carton of creme (next time I'll add a little more) then stirred it all again

Finally add the penne pasta to the mixture.   I cooked a whole box (12 oz) because I plan on taking some to my daughter's office tomorrow for her lunch (aren't I a good mama?!).    After the chicken baked, I cut it up in bite size pieces and added it to the skillet along with grated parmesan cheese...lip smackin' good ya'll!   Basically, just follow Jenny's recipe and tweak it to suit you....I don't believe you can go wrong with this recipe.

My super smart granddaughter introduced me to this app for my phone.   Please don't tell me ya'll already know about it....I'm always the last to know....but in any event, we love anything monogram and right now I'm loving chevron so put the two together and what do you get?   Monogrammed chevron phone app (lame joke) but I bet you'll want one for your phone too!   

She downloaded the Marley Lilly app and from there you choose your backgrounds and fonts.   I can't wait to play with mine and change it up (she'll have to help me because I was driving when she did this and have no idea what to do)!


Apple App Store Link: http://tinyurl.com/k5ubyj6
Google Play App Store: http://tinyurl.com/nytywoe

When my sister and I were at the beach a couple of weeks ago one of our first stops was Old Time Pottery (my husband calls it Pottery Barn)....we were strolling through looking here and there.  I really didn't have anything specific I was looking for but you never know what you'll find there.    We came around a corner and practically bumped into this cart that was piled high with the most fabulous things....including two gray and white chevron stools.    

The lady was standing nearby and I asked here where she got them and she said she got the last two (boo)!   BUT she said she was getting them for her new beach house to use as seating for her kids and if they didn't work, she would call me if I'd give her my phone number.    The next day she DID call saying they didn't work and she was returning them to the store the next day at 10:00 a.m.    The only thing was I didn't get the message until 3:00 the next afternoon but since we were out I rushed over and sure enough, there they were!    I only got one with the intention of using it in one of the guest rooms that will be getting a makeover in gray and white but it looks good in my kitchen too!  

I'm going to do a separate post on beauty products soon.    Oh, I do have one more "favorite" to share...this past Monday my daughter went for her first sonogram and we saw only one baby!     If you are new to my blog, my daughter has boy and girl twins that turned 10 on May 21st...the next day she found out she was 9 weeks pregnant....surprise!    Of course, we still don't know yet if it's a boy or girl but you can bet I've already got a pinterest board started which you can see here.

 Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!


Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Thanks for sharing the pasta dish, sounds delicious! That download to phone is cool, I have heard of of that company (monogramming).

What a nice person to call you on the stools that you wanted since they didn't fit her space. So nice of her. I am glad that they can find a special place in your home.

NanaDiana said...

I love your favorites. You won't believe this! I went to Amazon-read all the amazing reviews on Famous Dave's and ordered it. Don't tell my husband. lol

Love that you got the stool AND that there is only one baby---although I was kind of hoping for twins. lol yes-I am bad! xo Diana

Stacey said...

Always great to hear from you Judy.

I loved the Anne George books!! That's where I learned about Sister Schubert's rolls. Honestly, I'd never heard of them before those books and now I've eaten way too many.

Your recipe looks and sounds delish.

Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

Judy, you crack me up! Love this post. I do wish you could do it every Friday, but I TOTALLY understand not having the time for it. I am going to try your pasta dish. Sounds delicious! Cute cute piece of furniture. :) And boy howdy do I need that suntan product. Thanks for sharing it all.

Nancy said...

my to do list just grew after reading this post. gotta get me some self tanner since I agree tan fat looks better. then I need to get one of my littles to help me with that app since I never met anything monorgrammed and in chevron I didn't like. holla! thanks for the tips :)

Joni said...

Wow! I love your Friday favorites! Thanks for all the good tips, Judy!

Kelly said...

I love the cute little bench you were able to go back and get. I think I've been to one of those stores before up near SC on the way to Lake Hartwell. Wish I could get tan like you. I'm very fair skinned with freckles, so I just burn. I have to wear sunscreen of SPF 50! I don't lay out in the sun either. Those books look good. I bet I would like them since it's a southern based story series. Have a great time at the beach! Wish I was there (under my umbrella).

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