August 28, 2013

Tasty Treats

Recently while cleaning out some dresser drawers in my daughter’s old room (now guest room) I found a “recipe book” her pre-K class put together.   This was a group of 5 year olds.    I had such a laugh reading some of these recipes that I thought I’d share some of them with you…you know, in case you might want to make some of these “recipes” for your family!   I have copied them (spelling and all) exactly how they were written all those years ago.   


1.  2 cups oil

2.   A big chicken

3.   Kill the chicken

4.   Get a pan

5.   Put a little oil in the pan

6.   Put the chicken in the pan

7.    Set the temperature on 5 or 6 and cook it for 1 hour

6.   Then eat it

French Fries:

french fries


hot dogs

1.   Put grease in the big black bowl with the big handle

2.   Put it over the backboard

3.   Take a big stick and put the french fries in the bowl

4.   When it’s all cooked you have to put it in a big round circle with a paper towel under it

5.   Put french fries in the sink

6.   Put them in the bowl and then they’re ready

Roast Beef

Take a little roast beef.   Put in 1 gallon of Wesson oil.   Cook in the oven at 8 degrees for 15 minutes.   Eat it.

A Egg

2 lbs. milk

3 lbs. flour

4 lbs. sugar

First pour milk into a bowl.   Add 3 lbs. of flour.  Put in 4 lbs. sugar.  Then put in a little more milk.  Put it on the stove and cook it for 4 minutes.    Eat it.

French Toast

1 egg

3 cups milk

2 loaves bread

Dip the bread into the milk and eggs.   Cook it in a frying pan for 2 seconds.  Eat 2 french toasts.


Pour 2 inches of hot water into a pan.   Peel 4 potatoes.   Peel 5 tomatoes.  Put these on top of the oven and let them cook.   Put 2 inches of salt and pepper on them.   Cook them for 12 seconds.  Put in bowls and drink it.



1 slice cheese




1 meat

Cook meat in oven.  Take it out.  Put it on the hamburgers

I hope you enjoyed this gourmet post brought to you by “Thompson’s Tasty Treats” (her teacher’s name) circa 1981!


Diana @ our vintage home love said...

Oh my goodness, those are so funny and so precious! My youngest and I read them together and thought they were great! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure they brought back great memories for you! :)

Simply LKJ said...

Too funny. I have some of the Q&A's from when mine were little...who knew I was on 24" tall! LOL

NanaDiana said...

How funny- Your daughter and the kid with the French toast weren't far off- So funny- xo Diana

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! I have laughed and laughed at this. This is priceless. So glad you saved this and shared it. I love the one with all the lbs of ingredients listed and the one with all the inches of salt and pepper. I'll be sure to share this with my husband too. He likes to cook and will get a kick out of this.

joanne said...


Southern Lady said...

Loved it! So cute ... I may ask our granddaughter Avery to tell me her "recipes" for some things.

Becca said...

LOL, how cute is that, Judy?! I love your grandaughter's recipe ... simple and to the point. Just how recipes should be!

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