February 11, 2012

DIY Stenciled Lampshade

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately…I’m running around like a crazy woman doing little projects, guess it’s a good thing though because my “to-do” list is never-ending!

I started staining, painting and distressing a dresser in my bathroom this weekend….crazy because we are leaving for Savannah on Thursday….wouldn’t want to put pressure on myself or anything!    I want it DONE before I go.   

I was in my local paint store on Friday picking up some more paint to finish up the dresser when I saw a pair of gorgeous lamps (the store carries Pottery Barn type decorator items) with linen shades with a quatrefoil design.    The lamps were $85 each!     Guess that’s not a bad price but I knew I had one at home I could make look pretty darn close to theirs.     So I took my 40% coupon to Michael’s and bought a stencil, came home, taped it on the shade, and stenciled on my design.    My original plan was to go around the circumference of the shade but after stenciling one design I stopped to let the paint dry and hubby said he liked just the one.     I will most likely go back and stencil all the way around but I ran out of time and energy so until we get back from our trip, I will leave it alone.


stenciled lamp 009


Here is the stencil taped on the shade.    I got the shade at Wal Mart….I think I paid around $13.00 for it.    A great price for a linen look drum shade.     It’s a pale linen color and I used white craft paint.


stenciled lamp 011

There are some places I missed and the center piece didn’t turn out exactly like it should have but I really don’t care!


stenciled lamp 012

I wish I had a picture of the $85 lamp…mine looks almost identical to it!    Don’t you love it when you can use what you have to get the look you want? 


We’re leaving for Savannah and Tybee Island on Thursday.     While I’m excited to go, I can’t wait to get back because the den re-do will be on!     In addition to painting the room, the trim and the fireplace brick, we are going to bulk up the existing fireplace mantle.      Here’s my inspiration for building up my existing mantle….

sadie olive fireplace mantle


(I love her whole house!)


This afternoon after I literally finished painting the bathroom dresser, my sister called and wanted us to meet them for dinner at a barbeque place at the lake.    So we bundled up and headed out to meet them.     It’s a little hole in the wall place but it has the best barbeque around!

Tomorrow I plan to start distressing and glazing the dresser.       I have to at least get my bathroom cleaned up before we go out of town because my sister and her husband are going to stay at the house next weekend to take care of mama and dog sit….like I said….no pressure!


Sara Duckett said...

Fabulous job with the lamp and best of luck on your den re-do as well. :o)

Thanks for the kind words too.

Enjoy your weekend!

joanne said...

enjoy your trip. We are planning to go to Tybee Island in a few months...never been to that part of the country, can't wait!

Pam said...

We love Savannah and the area. Enjoy! I'm so enjoying your blog. Glad I found you!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

The shade looks great...I really need to try that on one of my many shades that I have around here. Have a fun time on your trip and don't feel alone about the pressure...I have a kitchen hutch to finish painting and glazing...a entire kitchen to put back together and house to do a deep clean done by Friday afternoon...have about 10 college students coming to my home for the Mardi Gras weekend...wish me luck...I sure need it:) Better go paint!


Simply LKJ said...

Love how the shade turned out! Have a wonderful time in Savannah. I posted pics and places on my blog in June after our trip-if you want some places that are awesome to eat!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh~ I just love it.Judy-Love stenciled shades! Why do we put all that pressure on ourselves just before we leave to go on vacation? I had to make those dresses for the girls...and get all my floors clean...and every single piece of whatever put in its right spot before I left. Crazy!!! Have fun- xo Diana

Made In The South said...

The lamp turned out great, I like it with just one.
Sounds like a fun trip ahead. Hope ya'll have some nice weather.
BBQ sounds so good right now. We don't really have a good BBQ place around here. Most times the small places make it the best. YUM.
Enjoy your week,

Kelly said...

I love how you transformed that lampshade! I have that same lampshade too, but I put black gimp trim at the top and bottom. It is a wonderful shade and looks more expensive than it is! I'm excited to see your family room makeover. I agree, that Sadie Olive's family room is charming! Have fun in Savannah. I love that place but haven't been in years.

Deserae said...

Love your stenciled lamp shade..it looks fabulous! Have a fun trip :o)

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