December 13, 2011

Christmas Around The House

I shared on another post that I just wasn’t “feeling it” this year so I decided to scale waaaaay back with my holiday decorating.    I put a few things in the foyer and decorated my mantel and that’s about it.   I put some decorations outside but haven’t had a chance to take pictures of that yet.

My Christmas color palette has always been greens and reds and while I still love that color combination I decided to go more neutral this year.    I was so happy with the way it turned out that I plan on using a neutral color palette next year (unless I change my mind – LOL!)




That fireplace brick has GOT to get cleaned and get painted when the wall color changes.    I’ve had that goldish color for several  years and it’s not as gold as it looks, it’s really a nice color, but I’m tired of it and I hope to change it soon, along with cleaning and painting the brick fireplace



I got the little chair and Santa Claus pillow on our recent trip to Pine Mountain, GA when we stopped at a favorite flea market in Opelika.   I think the chair and pillow were $5.00 each!     At the Lodge & Spa where we stayed at Calloway Gardens, they had these wonderful birch logs for the fireplace.   I didn’t have any birch logs so I just spray painted some firewood white!    (My husband thinks I’m nuts!)    I just noticed the garland is a little crooked…that’s because it fell and hubby put it back up….so it’s not very symmetrical on each side!






I found the cute little turquoise frame at my favorite flea market last week and thought it would look pretty tucked in with all the creams and mercury glass.    I had already put the green and silver ornaments on the urn and didn’t remove them…I hope they don’t clash too much with the turquoise.    It doesn’t’ look bad at all in person.



Still loving my sheet music covered candles!





christmas 2011 038


christmas 2011 032


Now we’ll move to the foyer


This is a yard sale lamp I’ve had for several years.     I hung the glittered pine cone ornaments I got at Wal Mart for $2.00 each here and love the contrast between the linen colored shade and white pinecones


christmas 2011 053

Picked up these books at the same flea market in Opelika…I put some of my white, clear and silver Christmas ornaments under a cloche set on a cake place



I forgot I had these sweet little deer so I was glad I found them in my Christmas stash.   I also printed off the Psalm 100 from the talented Jenn at Dear Lillie and put it in an existing frame



More glittered pinecones hanging on the foyer table






And finally the only thing I did in my den was put another printout from Dear Lille in a frame on a chest








More books from the flea market and a pair of antlers (still tied together with plastic ties!  Am I lazy or what)?

And there you have my Christmas decorations for 2011.   I can’t believe how little I did but I’m actually okay with it.    It’s so much work for such a little bit of time.   

I’m working on another vintage paper cone wreath for my sunroom.    I rolled some pages this morning before I went to work!    It’s addicting, I tell ya!


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Judy all your Christmas touches look beautiful!!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

I love it Judy!! Simple is elegant!! Love the white pinecones and how you put them on the lamp. Never thought of that!!!Love your "white wood"! hahaha

Always a Southern Girl said...

Love the decorations!! It is hard to get everything up. I just hope I get all mine up before our big New Year's eve party. Haha

Justabeachkat said...

It all looks wonderful Judy.

I'm enjoying all my decorations too. I just did my post tonight showing my carolers I have in the dining room.

Big Christmas hugs,

simply brookes: said...

love your antlers and sucker for a round mirror especially above a fireplace. well done, my friend.
looks great.

Sidra said...

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Cheri said...

Looking good Judy. Sometimes simple and elegant are enough. Love it.

Anonymous said...

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pam {simple details} said...

Your scaled back look is beautiful! And, I'll never tire of the sheet music candles, such pretty details!

Linda said...

So very elegant. The pinecones are wonderful. love the mirror...always a winner above the fireplace I am your newest follower. I hope you will visit me and become a follower as well. Happy holidays....Linda

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I really enjoyed a look at your home all decked out for Christmas. Everything looks very festive. I think the music wrapped candles are pretty and I also like the verse in the frame. Merry Christmas--------- Shannon

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