November 14, 2011

Love Letters

I’ve received sweet letters from special people over the years.    But I got one this past weekend from someone very special….my precious granddaughter Taylor.    



Here’s what it says (copied exactly as she wrote it):

Dear Mimi

Can I spen the night with you one friday.   And we can have some popcorn.   It will be our speicl day.    I love you very very very very very very very very very very (this goes on for several lines) much!   Love Taylor

I’ve decided to put this in a frame and make a mini gallery wall in the dressing area of my bathroom.     Then I can change out artwork and letters that my grandbabies give me.      I hope one day they’ll enjoy seeing their little handiwork from years past.      (I still have stuff my kids made and they are 35 & 37)!!!   Yeah, I’m one of those momsOpen-mouthed smile

She spent the day and night with us Friday.     We were invited to a friend’s house Friday night for a bonfire.     Afterwards, we went to get something to eat and then headed home where she continued to wrap me and her Pop around her finger.     She wanted to stay Saturday night but her mama and daddy wanted her to come home.    I love that she  wants to be with us as much as we enjoy having her.     I know there will come a time in the not-so-distant future when the grandkids won’t want to come visit us as much so I’m making the most of my time with each and every one of them for as long as I can.


Got a few projects I want to start working on this week.    Here’s a peek at what I hope to get started on….




I want to re-do my TV cabinet so I thought covering all my books to make them look uniform would jump start what I have in mind.     Wish me luck!


Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love said...

That is absolutely precious!

Cheri said...

That is so sweet and the time does fly so enjoy each moment.

Mary Anne said...

We get artwork and letters quite frequently from our just 8 year old grand daughter. She has her own room when she comes to stay at Nana and Papa's with her own artwork on the walls in her bedroom. Already, she is growning up and not running to her papa's arms like she used to. Life just seems to fly Judy and to cherish these special times are so precious. Thanks for sharing Taylor's letter. . . .so dear.

debbie-- said...

That's so sweet! I love getting letters from my grandsons!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

AWWW, that is too cute. I love the book idea too.

Kelly said...

Aw.....that is such a sweet letter! I'm not a grandmother yet, but look forward to it when I can have a grandchild want to come see me. That's so sweet. You must be a very good grandmother! Love how you covered your books. That's a great way to give a more streamlined look to your room.

Justabeachkat said... sweet! Well, did you make her some popcorn? Love your idea of framing their artwork.

Good luck with your book cover project.

Happy weekend hugs sweet friend,

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Ahhhh...this is just too SWEET!!! I just can't wait to have some grandbabies:) Oh yes...we will be there...just got our tickets lucky and we are seating at the same spot that we sat at 2 years ago...right behind my favorite person...SABAN:( 50 yard line! We would love to have y'all come by our tailgate...we will do a brunch before the game and chilli after the game. We are at the Shelby and Lowder buildings on Magnolia...please let me know and I will give you my cell #. Mary Claire and I will be shopping in Auburn early on Friday and then heading over your way to do some more shopping. The Sooners better WIN this game NOW!! WAR EAGLE my friend!!


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