October 31, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy Room

This weekend was spent at son’s house where we got started on the baby’s room.     When Jennifer (DIL) found out she was having a boy, we started putting together ideas on what she wanted to do in the baby’s room.     I’m lucky that she and I have a lot of the same taste so I suggested we incorporate the ever-popular beadboard wallpaper in our design.     So we decided we’d paint the upper 1/3rd a pretty blue and use the beadboard wallpaper on the bottom part.     We didn’t get started until around 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning but we (son) knocked out the painting pretty quickly and I “helped” with the cutting in!       After a quick lunch we starting measuring, cutting and hanging the wallpaper.      Now, I’m of the belief that if something ain’t broke don’t fix it but the fine folks that are manufacturing the beadboard wallpaper have decided (for whatever reason) to discontinue making it pre-pasted so we had to put the paste ON THE WALL as opposed to the paper….trust me, we put the glue on the first strip of wallpaper but it worked much better when we rolled it onto the wall.

Of course, we ran out of paper needing only a couple more pieces.    Luckily I have a small amount at home (that is pre-pasted) so we’re hoping there is enough on that roll to finish up the room.      Then we’ll put a small shoe-mold type trim on the top of the existing baseboard and add a nice chair rail strip all around the room where the paint and wallpaper meet….like this….



Here’s the room prior to painting and wallpapering.    It used to be my granddaughter’s bedroom but we moved her across the hall to another room this past summer.     DIL had it decorated in a ladybug theme….thus the bright yellow walls.   


cades room 001



cades room 003


Here’s my favorite (and only) son measuring a level line for the wallpaper so we’d have a guide for how far down to paint


cades room 008

I did a lot of the cutting in but this was the last wall and he wanted to done (he says I’m too slow!)


cades room 009

First strip of paper hung!


cades room 014



cades room 016


I got this lamp at Kirkland’s last summer….it is perfect for this room.     You can also see a little bit of the bedding as well as a frame my daughter had made for the baby


shane and cade


I just had to include this sweet pic of my baby holding his baby (he’s grown quite a bit since this picture….I think he’s about a week old here and now he’s 10 weeks)

Hubby and I will have to go back up to cut the trim for the room.    I really encouraged them to find a trim man in Birmingham cause neither one of us a good at carpentry!   Does anyone know a good (cheap) trim man in Birmingham?


And I can’t close without giving a shout out to my Auburn Tigers and my hero…..Cam Newton!     War Eagle Baby!!!!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey Judy, what a cute room, glad you got the wallpaper. Looks great in there. What a sweeet baby!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Love how y'all used the beadboard wallpaper...looks great! War Eagle back at ya!


Donna said...

You can tell how really adorable that room is going to be! The lamp goes well. And the baby is darling! Doesn't it just melt your heart to see your child with theirs??

ButterYum said...

I love the sneak peek... can't wait to see the finished room. What a cute little grandbaby you have. And I love the picture of your baby holding his baby... so sweet!!!



Simply LKJ said...

Can't wait to see it completed! Love the color combo, one of my favorites. He is adorable!!

Just Ask Beth said...

Beautiful... and the son and baby are just precious!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Beautiful room & beautiful baby! If you all need a rug for his room, check out www.creativecarpetdesign.com for custom initial/monogram rugs. Here is a coupon code for 20% off: 20off4me

cryobank said...

Beautiful baby,Looking nice ,So pretty,Lovely and cute.And the son and baby are just precious,Love the color combo,One of my favorite.

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