June 7, 2010

Secret Garden

I’d like to tell ya’ll about my friend Betty Jo.      This is the wonderful lady that conducted my mom’s estate sale and what started out as a “business arrangement” has evolved into a friendship.     Once you meet this woman, you just can’t help loving her and her sweet family.      Just recently I found out she is also has a green thumb and when you see her yard, I think you will agree.

Betty Jo lives in a charming historic neighborhood.     Most everyone in this area has lived in their homes 50+ years and take great pride in their homes and yards.    

Betty Jo loves red as reflected in her front door.    Don’t you just love her classic cottage?     She plans on painting her shutters, porch ceiling, porch floor and adding a large lantern overhead.     I can’t wait to see it all!

betty jo's yard 022 - Copy

Here’s the area up near the house.     Instead of me doing a running commentary, please enjoy all these pictures.

betty jo's yard 021  betty jo's yard 016

betty jo's yard 018

betty jo's yard 019

betty jo's yard 020

   betty jo's yard 028

betty jo's yard 029

betty jo's yard 030

   betty jo's yard 032

Betty Jo and her sister laid this brick pathway all by themselves!

betty jo's yard 034


betty jo's yard 033  betty jo's yard 035

Can you believe the size of these hostas?!

  betty jo's yard 037

betty jo's yard 036


  betty jo's yard 040 

 betty jo's yard 043    betty jo's yard 047


betty jo's yard 048  betty jo's yard 050

betty jo's yard 052

betty jo's yard 051

betty jo's yard 063    betty jo's yard 056


betty jo's yard 057

betty jo's yard 058  betty jo's yard 060   betty jo's yard 062

I fell in love with her yard and I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite like it except maybe in a magazine.      I hope you all enjoyed touring Betty Jo’s secret garden as much as I did.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Judi, Your friend Betty Jo has a charming cottage. Don't you think red doors are just so welcoming?
I love her picket fence and the gate with the arbor! And all the prettily done beds and flowers.
I have so much to plant yet, and this post is such an inspiration.
Cherished friendships are God's wonderful gift to us! Sounds like you are blessed!

Stacey said...

What a beautiful place! I think most women secretly dream of living in a little cottage just like that. I just love the gardens. Looks like Betty Jo has a green thumb. :)

Nancy's Notes said...

Judi, I loved her garden, I love green and lush, that's it! It's wonderful to have such a great friendship with your friend!


Simply LKJ said...

Thanks for the tour...what a lovely yard! It brings back memories of my grandparents yard on Long Island growing up. Just beautiful, and full of love!

Cheri said...

Ohhhhhh...if only I had something this wonderful. I am envious. Can't wait to see when she gets the front all finished, you'll have to go back and take pictures for sure.

Debbie's Garden said...

Her yard is positively charming! It's full of personality, I love it.

Kat said...

Wow, she definitely has a green thumb! Beautiful!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Betty Jo's garden is beautiful, Judy.

June said...

That garden looks so relaxing could just live there

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