August 10, 2009

School Daze!

We survived our first day at “big school”!    By “we” I mean my daughter and myself (I think the twins did a little bit better than we did).       I spent Sunday night at Shannon’s house so I could “help” her…..really, we needed each other for support!     When I arrived about 6:00 yesterday evening, she was packing their school supplies and putting their backpacks together.

Taylor had to give her nap mat a test run




Soon it was time for baths and supper then bedtime.   The twins were so excited about going to “big school” they had a hard time going to sleep.  


Before bed they called Pop to remind him they were going to school on Monday (like he could forget!)

IMG_7151  IMG_7147

And here’s Shannon making her world-famous BP&J with crusts carefully cut off!


Neither Shannon nor I got very much sleep.    She had already told her hubby he COULD NOT go to the first day of school because he gives in to their demands to “hold me” or  “I want to go with you daddy” too much so he was barred from going to the first day….we would never have been able to leave them in their classroom.    Plus, he had to go out of town.

I forget how early 5:30 a.m. is!!!    After we had our showers and got the twins breakfast, it was time to roll them out of bed.      Before we knew it, it was time to leave….


Jackson is used to waiting on his sister


I’m in love with this angel!


A girl and her curls….


…and a pink backpack. 


All ready!


Let’s go!!!

When they bought their house about 3 years ago, they knew a new elementary school would be opening less than 2 miles from home at the time the twins started kindergarten.    Not only was today their first day of school, it was the first day of a brand new school!    They will go through school with many of these same kids, and a lot of the kids that are in their school go to their church so it wasn’t like they didn’t see any smiling, friendly faces.

Even leaving at 7:00 we found ourselves in a long line of anxious parents and eager kids….


It’s a beautiful drive going to the school grounds




Jackson is checking out some of his new classmates


The teacher had put out a picture and crayons so the kids could color….



Jackson telling his teacher “good morning”


And finally it was time to leave….here’s Shannon giving her little man some “love” (sorry it’s so fuzzy)


And of course Taylor got hers too


I was really proud of myself, I didn’t cry at the school but I think I heard some sniffling from a certain daughter as we left the building.   

I called this afternoon to see how their day went.     Taylor announced that her mommy had cried all day at work!    I guess Shannon must have told her that….

Here’s hoping every little boy and girl (and moms and dads) have a wonderful and exciting school year.    


Amy S said...

Ahhh SWEET!! We start Friday--big 2nd grade!!! Enjoyed pics- TFS

Stacey said...

How precious! Thanks for sharing the first day with us. It looks like school was a family affair. :)

blushing rose said...

How adorable the children. You wouldn't have missed this for the life of you, I can tell.

We went thru this with each of our kid-lings ... Mother stood there peeking in the window sniffling each time. What fun tho getting there in time to help get ready & see them on their first days ... moments too precious to miss.

TTFN ~Marydon

Susanb said...

Thanks for sharing such a special moment with your adorable twins.. Brings back such good memories. So happy you could be a part of this big day.

Mabry's Gamma said...


The twins are so cute and they will always remember that grandma was there for their first day. I hope I can be there when Mabry Grace starts school.

lkjatl said...

Aww..bring tears to my eyes...since my "baby" started her sophomore year of high school yesterday. Glad they had a great first day. I wasn't working when I sent mine and I remember aimlessly walking around the house until it was time to pick them up! Actually, I still do on their 1st days back!! LOL

Sherri said...

Judy-so glad the twins made it through their first day of "big" school and you and your daughter did too! Taylor bookbag is so darn cute!!

Lou Cinda said...

This is so sweet! I remember the first day of school for mine. I made it to the car and then completely lost it!! I just put my head on the steering wheel and sobbed!

I know they will have a great year!

Lou Cinda :)

Tina said...

Congrats for making it through. I know it was hard, it was hard for me to let my baby go on Tuesday!!!
Love the pictures, they are so cute!

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