April 26, 2009

Just Us Girls

Last year my sister and I decided we’d try and do an annual “girl’s weekend” somewhere special every year…..no guys allowed!    On our first “girl’s weekend” about a year ago, she took her daughter (who had just found out she was pregnant) and her little grandson, Mason.    I took my daughter, DIL, and two granddaughters and we all went to Panama City Beach, Florida.    You can read all about that trip here.

This past year has been very hectic and life-changing for my sister.    Thankfully, things have settled down for her and her life is somewhat back to “normal” (whatever that is!)

So she and I decided to have a very relaxing, peaceful, stress-free weekend (which meant no husbands or grandkids) and take our mom to the lake for the weekend.     She got off early from work on Friday and after mom got out of the beauty shop (she’s almost 89 and gets that hair done weekly!) we took off for Lake Martin!

My sister’s lake house is not one of the “mega-mansions” and it’s not professionally decorated, but it is so homey and comfortable.

lake weekend 4-25-09 002

Here’s the view from the top of the driveway looking out at the lake.

lake weekend 4-25-09 003

Coming around the sidewalk to the front of the house you look out to the deck

lake weekend 4-25-09 010


lake weekend 4-25-09 012

Sunset on Friday night

lake weekend 4-25-09 024

This is the lake home of one of her neighbors….an oncologist  (sp?) in Birmingham.   

lake weekend 4-25-09 014

  lake weekend 4-25-09 023

  lake weekend 4-25-09 059

Another lake home across from my sister’s…..it looked like they were having a family reunion!

lake weekend 4-25-09 083

Here’s the room I stayed in….those windows look right out on the lake…stunning view!

lake weekend 4-25-09 079  

lake weekend 4-25-09 013

Saturday morning found my sister and mom checking things out on the deck…..not bad for 88 years old!

Just a few miles from the lake is a neat little antique shop/flea market type place.    I’ve been there a few times so we decided to check it out Saturday morning.

lake weekend 4-25-09 084 

For all you locals, this little place is located on Hwy. 9, just past Santuck at the flashing light.

lake weekend 4-25-09 039 

This was a really pretty piece but you can see it needed a lot of work.   

lake weekend 4-25-09 030

I know some of ya’ll will love the size of this birdcage….and a “used” one from the looks of it!


lake weekend 4-25-09 033

I love trays and I meant to go back and pick this one up.    I think it was $12.00!

  lake weekend 4-25-09 036


lake weekend 4-25-09 037

Here’s an old-fashioned highchair in that yummy robin’s egg blue so many of us like


lake weekend 4-25-09 041

I wish you could see this front door…it was really pretty.

Before we went inside, I spied what looked to be a secret garden out back and when we meandered down the path, I was not disappointed…..just look at what was back there….

lake weekend 4-25-09 049

Crusty, rusty, chippy old glider!

lake weekend 4-25-09 042


lake weekend 4-25-09 044


lake weekend 4-25-09 045

And look at this wonderful ivy covered bottomless chair.    I have a couple of these chairs that I use in my yard but I just put a potted plant in them.  


lake weekend 4-25-09 046


lake weekend 4-25-09 043

But this is what stole my heart…..an old wooden swing, ivy covered frame and for those sweltering afternoons, a fan and light!   

lake weekend 4-25-09 047

Can’t you just image sitting here with your sweetie, cold glass of ice tea in hand, smelling the honeysuckle, and just a-swinging away!


lake weekend 4-25-09 048


Just up the road from my sister’s lake house is the gorgeous horse farm.    While it’s not on the lake, I think it’s setting more than makes up for a water view

lake weekend 4-25-09 052


lake weekend 4-25-09 050


lake weekend 4-25-09 051


Saturday night we went over to Sinclair’s.    My hubby and I love to eat here and we go to Sinclair’s quite a bit in the summer and early fall.    You can ‘drive’ your boat up and walk right in or drive, which is what we did Saturday night as we did not get the boats out of the boathouse…..we needed the fellas for that!

lake weekend 4-25-09 068


lake weekend 4-25-09 069

There was a wedding reception going on while we were there and I took a few pictures of that.    These last two pictures really touched me…..here’s a sweet little princess walking on the dock with her “paw-paw”……priceless!

lake weekend 4-25-09 072


lake weekend 4-25-09 074

I have to tell ya’ll that all was not smooth sailing for me this weekend.   Friday night my sister could not get the hot water turned on in my bathroom.   The back part of the cabin is an add-on and it has separate everything.    FINALLY we got it figured out by Saturday afternoon.

THEN, Saturday morning I got locked in the bathroom!    I was hollering and screaming for her or my mom like crazy.    Did I mention that I’m claustraphobic?    I started having a panic attack so I decided to go out the window.    Now this window is not your average size window, just a very small bathroom window, but I got the window open, pushed out the screen and squeezed myself through the narrow window and to the ground.    I now am sporting bruises on both arms and many aches and pains…..it’s funny now, but it sure wasn’t then!

I also want to thank everyone for your kind words on my last post about ‘Mr. Ed.’   

And last but not least, a few weeks ago, I said I would not be blogging as much because my hubby was feeling a little left out, and we can’t have that, now can we?    Since then, we spend at least one night with no TV, no phones, just sitting and talking, having our devotional time, and just enjoying spending time together.    We are even planning a little 3 day get-away….not sure where right now or when, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a trip to Atlanta (think Ikea, Classy Flea, Scott’s Antique weekend, etc.) but the most important thing is, we’ll be having a good time, just the two of us!

Later this week I’ll be posting about an exciting new-to-me blog, full of inspiration!   I think you will enjoy it so don’t forget to check back for that.

Love ya’ll! 






Nancy said...

what beautiful pics!! loved the update!

Karen said...

What a very fun post!
Yes, a neighbor of my In-Laws was claustrophobic and got locked in their bathroom too! It was not fun - but they finally got her out. No chance for her out the window. Just - not even a glimmer of a possibility. It was a PORTHOLE! (in their powder room.)
So see! How lucky for you there was real window you could escape out of! lol

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

What a wonderful place to get to visit! And time with your sister and mom to boot! Thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

Your girly weekend looks perfect to me. The lakehouse, the setting of the antiques market, the restaurant, all of it! It's neat that the three of you did that.

I'm proud of you for the alone time with your hubby. Being in Savannah last week reminded us how important that is. Now we need to keep it going on a weekly basis - not just trips out of town.

Vee said...

You're a dool to share your special weekend with us. I think a quiet weekend with one's mom and sister sounds just about perfect.

Sorry that you went out that bathroom window. You must've forgotten that a bathroom is the best room to get locked into. ;>

Vee said...

A dool? A DOLL!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It looks like a lovely weekend, Judy. My daughters and I went to Chicago for a weekend, four years ago. I can't believe it's been that long. My two granddaughters went along, too. The tiniest granddaughter Gabi was not even a year old. She and her mommy and aunt flew...about a 30 or 40 min. flight from STL. My other granddaughter and her mommy and I went by train,a 6 hour ride. It was a delightful trip. We all arrived at the hotel, on Michigan Ave, at the same time. We enjoyed Chicago, so much...just us girls.

I think I would have had to have those fish plates, for our lake place. Cute!! Your sister's place is wonderful!

Kim said...

I got locked in there Christmas! i thought it was just me. Maybe we can get a new lock? Glad you all had fun while I was HIKING 4 MILES IN ROME.

Mabry's gamma said...


Just reading your post made me feel relaxed, how fun for you, your sister and your momma. We have been trying to do that for a couple years but I am the one that keeps moving further and further away.


Lake Martin Voice said...

what great pics of the Lake! Please feel free to drop by my blog at http://lakemartinvoice.com - see you around the lake!

Pam said...

What a lovely tour! Beautiful place! I swooned too over the ivy covered porch frame! Gracious me oh my! But I couldn't resist laughing at a visual thought of you climbing out of that bathroom window!

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed this post! What a blessing to still have your spry chipper mom with you! What an awesome weekend!

Martha said...

Stop by Linderhof, I have something for you.

The Stylish House said...

What a lovely post. I feel like I had a mini vacation. Such a pretty spot to spend time with the people you cherish. ~Cathy~

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