August 8, 2008

August 8, 1908

Today would be my grandparents 100th wedding anniversary! Of course, they aren't around to celebrate it and have not been for some time, but I thought that I would do a little family post in honor of them. My mom has been reminding everyone of the significance (to her) of 8/8/08.

My uncle had this oil portrait done for them on their 50th wedding anniversary based on the original photo. I am lucky enough to be have the oil portrait as well as the original smaller one which was used as a guide for the oil portrait. At the time the oil was done, my grandmother could not remember the color of her dress. However, my grandfather remembered it very well and was able to tell the painter exactly what it looked like, down to the color if her blouse!

It almost looks "ghostly" because the picture has faded.

This is the original of the picture. I had it matted and framed years ago

Here is my grandfather at about age 15

My grandmother was born in Davie County, North Carolina on January 11, 1886. She and her siblings were orphaned when she was very young. The children were all sent to live with different relatives. She said she remembered some of her brothers went out west and she never heard from them again. She died in Lowndes County, Alabama in 1969.

Ossie Ann Howard McCall: January 11, 1886 - July, 1969

My grandfather was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on February 2, 1882. He met my grandmother in Cooleemee, North Carolina 1904.

They lived in High Point, Rhonda, and Cooleemee, North Carolina and moved to Alabama in 1946 where their sons were in the military and they wanted to be close to them. They lived in Lowndes County, Alabama until 1972 when my uncle and grandfather moved back to N.C. My grandfather died in Cooleemee, North Carolina in 1977.

Walter Houston McCall: February 2, 1882 - January, 1977

Since I am posting "old" pictures, here are some of my daddy. I have a "family table" in my dining room that I have a lot of old family pictures on.

This is my daddy about the time I was born (excuse the cracked glass - I haven't got around to replacing that)

Daddy in later years, probably sometime in the 1960's

Louis Mitchell Turner: October 7, 1919 - January 4, 1980

My daddy and his three brothers. Daddy is the little boy on the far right.

His mother died when he was three years old, leaving his daddy to raise three boys. His mama was outside washing clothes when her clothes caught on fire. My daddy said she lived about 3 days after that - he said it must have been around Christmas because he remembered getting a little toy drum for Christmas.

And here's me at a tender age. (My brother took a pen to this picture and you can see his scribble mark at the bottom right!)

If any of ya'll think you might be kin to me, please let me know.


artis1111 said...

You might want to check. Oils aren't put under glass, and they don't fade like that.Take it to a photo studio and ask if they can help.It is a nice piece.Kathy

Oliver's said...

Oh how I love old photos. I think you just gave me a great idea for my next post. You are so lucky to have such treasures in your home. I too have a special place where I put all of my antique photos and they would be the first material things I would grab in an emergency. Thank you for sharing, Paula

Melissa Lester said...

Happy anniversary to your late grandparents! Today is my mom's birthday, and I just realized when you pointed it out that today is 08-08-08.

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

I cherish my family photos like you do. I love your grandmother's oufit in her wedding portrait. Very chic for that time.

What an interesting family you have and so sad that they had to go through so much tragedy.

Have you looked up your family online? I use Family Tree Maker, or The latter one is free and I have found a lot of my ancestors on it.

Wonderful post and Happy Anniversary to them up in Heaven :)

Oh and don't ever feel you need to apologize for not coming by. I know how hard it is to keep up.

rue :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Well, I WISH we were cousins or something...oh well.

Sad stories people had to endure long ago like never seeing your brother again. Nowadays, you probably could find them via internet.

Sad about the young mother dying in a fire. Poor little kids lost their mother. Every family has their stories, joyful and sorrowful.

Thanks for sharing your old pictures. Love them the older the better!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's always fun to see other people's family photographs. For example, my great-great grandparents were posed as your grandparents are...the bride standing with her hand on the groom's shoulder. I find that pose a bit unusual by today's standards.
Lovely picture, though. Fun to see our grandparents when they were young and handsome.

It's a nice idea to have the photographs gathered in one place. I am working on that project right now.

nikkicrumpet said...

I love the look that old photos add to a home...and you've got them in such pretty frames. I'm gonna have to dig through my mother's album and borrow a few of hers. These just looks so great!

bj said...

We are lucky to have such photos of our families...thanks so much for sharing yours...

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