April 16, 2008

Sneak Peek at My New Hardwood Floors!

My floors are in and they are absoloutely GORGEOUS!! The crew got started Monday mid-morning and finished the den, then on Tuesday they came back and did the dining room. We decided to run the floor into the hallway to carry a "seamless" look from the den to the hall - it was a great decision! The only problem is, my entire house is covered in dust! The installers had electrical saws in the house to make cuts and it created a big mess.....it will take me forever to get everything dusted and put back. One thing about moving everything out of your rooms is you see how much "stuff" you have. Some stuff will stay and some will be rotated out to storage for a new "fresher" look.

In a previous post I showed ya'll the seagrass rug I ordered for the dining room which will probably not be in for 2-3 weeks. We have not ordered anything for the den yet but I will most likely order the same type of rug - only bigger. I am amazed at how elegant these floors make your furnishings look.

We have not put the chairs back in the room yet because hubby now insists on putting those little felts dots on EVERY PIECE of furniture we have! You should have seen him last night, running around with lots of different size felt dots putting them under and on every surface imaginable to protect the floors! Can't say that I blame him cause we sure want to protect our investment but it was sooo funny!

As you can see, I re-set the table with my Savannah inspired tablescape

Now for my little "secret"....I saw this photo in the Decorating Den "before and after" gallery and fell in love with the white and chocolate brown kitchen. Even before I saw this photo, I have been wanting to change my red kitchen with all its rooster stuff....I love it but I'm ready for a BIG change. I just have to convince my husband that the walls need to be painted brown when our cabinets get re-painted. I've scoped out a wall clock like the one in the picture and found one I like, my chandelier is almost like this one (I can work a little "magic" on the finish to get it more like the one shown), my floors are like the ones shown, so my argument will be, we only need to paint, right?!!! Isn't this the yummiest kitchen?


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Your floors are fabulous! The installers didn't clean up much? It must be easy to scratch the floor if they left anything behind...yikes! I'd be a wreck like your dh with the felt dots.

Yes, I think that brown and white kitchen is wonderfully elegant.

You are going to be sooooo busy!

Nonna said...

Your new floors are beautiful!! And I love the kitchen too!!

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

The floors are gorgeous. We had hardwood floors at our old house, which I loved.
I fell in love with the same kitchen. It is gorgeous. The brown walls will look great.
The installers should have cleaned up or covered things better. Shame on them!

Sue said...

Wow your floors look georgous. Dark wood floors just anchor a room so beautifully.
That brown and white kitchen is delicious in every way possible. Hope your husband sees his way clear to agree to painting the wall that yummy brown.

Kelly said...

OH your new floors look great and YES - that kitchen is to die for! I have no doubt you can make yours look just as good!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found me. I love your blog. I will be coming back.

Janet said...


Love your new floors; I have very similar ones, but my installer didn't leave any dirt or dust. I knew I was very lucky! Trying to catch up with everyone now that I am back.


The Feathered Nest said...

That kitchen is indeed yummy! Great inspiration for a makeover. Love the new floors!


Mrs. B said...

Your floors are sooo gorgeous! I'm so jealous! Hardwood floors really do add elegance, and they're so nice because they contrast with things.

That kitchen is beautiful! I love chocolate brown in decorating (I have it in my bedroom). The contrast with the white is perfect. I think I saw a kitchen similar to this on Divine Design once. Love it!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...


Enjoy them, I love hardwood floors!

Happy weekend!


CraftyT said...

I LOVE the floors. What a wonderful color they are.

We just recently bought our first home and the floors are a honey color, they are nice but I love that dark rich color.

I am going to paint the living room a rich shade of maybe rust or chocolate and white, I also love the Chocolate and White combo.
Have a wonderful weekend

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